Cycle the Coast of Kerala 28/29 December 2018



Not sure there is much activity on here, or perhaps I'm doing something wrong? Just to say, I am going on this trip land only booked from 29 December, but will be in Kochi a couple of nights earlier at a beach resort and staying one extra night in Varkala. Really looking forward to it! However, awful recent news regarding the floods in the area and to read about the impact on local people is very sad indeed.

I've never been to India before, so any tips gratefully received. 

I know there were 6 people booked already, maybe if you are going too and you read this, we can say "Hi"? 

hi David

I am also doing this trip, but no extra time sadly for me as fitting it into my Time of work. 

It has been sad seeing the news about Kerula 😢

I have never been to India on my travels either so looking forward to this trip! Will be a good introduction to India and hopefully the first of a trips to this country



Hi.  Sorry only just discovered there was a forum!  I am all booked and arrive early on 29th December and then depart late on the 5th January.  I am so excited to spend New Year doing something completely different, discovering a new country and hopefully making lots of new friends!  

I am slightly apprehensive of the transit through Mumbai but I am sure it will be an 'experience'!  From what I understand I have to clear immigration in Mumbai and then check in for the connecting flight.  I'll worry about Delhi and going home at a later date!

Just 2 months to go.  Better get on the bike in the gym!





Hi guys,

Thanks for saying hello. I completely forgot I'd posted something here. So you do get replies here! Still looking forward to it & New Year in India will be a real treat, I am sure.  See you soon. 


hi Libby

lovely to hear from someone else on the trip! look forward to meeting you. 

Yes I really need to get on my bike too, with cold weather I need to motivate myself.

are you flying into Mumbai and out from Delhi? im on different flights then flying into Kochi on the 29th but leaving early on the fifth sadly from Trivandrum. I still need to get my visa sorted, time will go so quickly else if I forget.


Lovely to hear from you both!   Looking forward to meeting you.

Sharon I'm flying Heathrow to Mumbai and then connecting to Kochi, arricing Kochi at 07:40 29th December.  Then Back from Trivandrum to Delhi and then onto Heathrow.  That in itself will be an adventure I think!

Be careful when applying for your e-Visa on-line.  It said there had been an error with my payment the two times I tried.   I now have 2 visas and 2 charges!  Just sorting it out with the credit card company and the payment processor in India!

Back on the bike this week....need to get saddle ready!


Hello again,


Just reading about Visas, just in case you know the definitive answers.... Although many countries can buy a visa on arrival, UK citizens cannot? So we must apply online? The official website is: ? I'll do some research, but I got scammed when applying to the US for a visa before and don't want to do it again, and quite a few websites pop-up as an advert on google for visas. Any words of wisdom, though, gratefully received.

I'm cycling daily to work and organise an odd bike tour for a group in Brussels, so at the moment I'm trained up, but very aware that winter is coming, so Kerala may be my training!

Take care!

Hi David

I researched and that is the legit website, well I'm sure it is! I am now the proud owner of two visas and my credit card company are sorting it out as I took a print out of when it said my payment had failed. If you find out otherwise please let me know! If you get a payment failed notice, hold off for a couple of hours and see if you get an email saying you're visa is waiting approval before applying again. Make a note of the reference number whilst you're applying and if anything does go wrong you can retrieve the information you've already entered, I learnt this the hard way!

Fitness wise I'm good I just need to get saddle ready! You certainly won't have that issue cycling daily to work!


let us know how you get on!

Thanks for the re-assurance Libby. Will let you know how I get on!

thanks both

do  need photos for an Indian visa , also can’t see a price 


Hi Sharon

The visa is $100 which works out about £80 at the current exchange rate. You need a passport type photo which you can upload. I just got someone to take one with my mobile phone which I cropped and that worked fine.

Hope that helps. 




Hi there,

I'm joining this trip too and starting to get excited now! I haven't been to Kerala before but have been to Delhi and Mumbai for work and loved visiting (and doing a cycling activity in) Sri Lanka with Exodus in the summer which inspired me to book this! I need to get in some more cycling practice and organise my visa still!

Looking forward to meeting you all, Emma

Hi there,

I'm joining this trip too and starting to get excited now! I haven't been to Kerala before but have been to Delhi and Mumbai for work and loved visiting (and doing a cycling activity in) Sri Lanka with Exodus in the summer which inspired me to book this! I need to get in some more cycling practice and organise my visa still!

Looking forward to meeting you all, Emma

Hi there,

I'm joining this trip too and starting to get excited now! I haven't been to Kerala before but have been to Delhi and Mumbai for work and loved visiting (and doing a cycling activity in) Sri Lanka with Exodus in the summer which inspired me to book this! I need to get in some more cycling practice and organise my visa still!

Looking forward to meeting you all, Emma

Hi Enma


look forward to meeting you. The trip will soon be upon us now. I’m only just sorting out my visa. Trying to sort out the photos and scan passport. I’ve filled the form out but need to get the other two things completed. I’m aiming to have it done by the end of the week.I’m slowly  getting a bit of cycling in, so hard with work and the weather but will be nice to get some sun and cycling in on the trip. 


sharon xx

Only 31 days now until take-off, getting very excited!  I've never been to India before so it will all be new to me!  I was inspired to go after a tour of Nepal earlier this year!  I've started going on the bike at the gym at the weekends to get 'saddle ready', hoping my running fitness will be enough on top of that!  Visa is sorted just need to start thinking of what to pack nearer the time!  By the way is anybody on the flight from Heathrow on 28th December with Air India going via Mumbai by any chance?!  Looking forward to meeting you all.  Libby

hi all

i have just applied for a visa. I have an emailed reply to say I have been granted a visa. Should there be a visa attached for me to print ? There doesn’t seem to be one Or is it just the email that I need? 



Hi Sharon

You should receive an email a couple of hours after your application saying that it's being processed and then within 48 hours you'll get another email saying it's been granted and then you can download it from the visa website.

Hope that helps!


Hi Emma+ Good to make contact. I'm on a flight to Dehli from Birmingham on 26 Dec (28 days away). Still got to get the Visa, but sure it will be okay. Got a GoPro for the trip at the weekend.... I think working out how to use it is more difficult than the Visa, just have to sit down and do it the Visa soon. Not bothered by the cycling, I should be fine, but it's going to be very hot and humid guys! but guess that will be a pleasant change.

thank you, visa all sorted !

just need to get a bit of exercise in ( well a bit of cycling) before we go and decide what to pack! First time in India!

Are people just looking at cycling shorts and clothes for riding? I was looking at a mixture as some days only short miles ! Don’t want to buy lots 



I have bought some cheap padded cycling shorts in the likes of Sports Direct and then wearing baggy shorts over the top as suggested in the trip information.  I can then mix and match as required, also rinse out too in hand wash as it might be a tad hot!  Other than cycling I haven't thought that far!  However a friend of mine bought me back a Sari from India and I was wondering whether I should pack that as I was hoping I'd be shown how to wear it, possibly on New Years Eve!  It's such beautiful material and seems a waste never to be worn.  4 weeks today I'll be Heathrow bound!  Libby


Hi all,

I’m Alex and I’m looking forward to joining the trip too! 

I’m currently in Vietnam about to commence an Exodus cycling trip here for the next couple of weeks before heading over to India. Expecting to be in Kochi a day or so early and also staying on for 2/3 extra nights in Varkala (although no accomm booked yet). 

Look forward to meeting you all in due course,


HI Alex

sounds like you are have a great month ahead! Cycling in Vietnam sounds fantastic! I was in Thailand and Malaysia early in the year but ran out of time to visit Vietnam ( one day I’ll go) 

Sadly I’m only able to be in India the dates of the trip, squeezing it into time off from work! A good squeeze though! 


Well enJoy Vietnam and look forward to meeting everyone soon


Hi Alex

What an amazing you're going to have. Will definitely be interested on hearing about your trip to Vietnam, that's another one on my neverending list to do!

Safe travels and we will see you In Kochi!


Hi Alex, Enjoy Vietnam! On my Visa application, there is a section that asks for "Reference Name in India" is that Exodus Travel? They ask for an adress too.... What did you guys put here?

Hi David,

The details you need to use are in the visa info from Exodus. Here you go...

Not long now :)



You will be asked for a reference in the UK, you should put the name and address of a friend or family member.

You will be asked for details of an inviting organisation or referee and details of accommodation on the visa application form. 

These vary on a trip by trip basis, so please check the list below.


MIK Cycle Kerala & 

Tropical India

Hotel Pai Vista, 35/A Bangalore-Nilgiri road, Mysore, Karnataka, 570001.

Phone +91 0821 2521111

MIT Southern India coast 

to Coast Ride

Hotel Athithi, No126 S.V Patel Salai Pondicherry 605 001. 

Phone +91 9789 443186

MIG Mysore to Goa Ride Hotel Fortune JP Palace , 3 Abba Road, Nazarbad, Mysore - 570007

Phone +91 821 398 8444

MIA Cycle the Coast of 


Casino Hotel, 585 Willingdon Island, Cochin, Kerala- 682003

Phone +91 484 2668 421

Reference in India for all the above: 

Mr Ranju Joseph, Pioneer Travels, Pioneer House, G V Iyer Road, Cochin 682003. Tel: +91 484 266 6148

Sara and I will be joining the Kerela trip. Sara is a much more experienced traveller than I am, but we are both very excited about the holiday. The weather has to be better than the 30 mph winds and driving rain of our Outer Hebrides ride in May.

I'm particularly looking forward to the seafood. I was recommended to the fried fish. I've had mixed reports about eating meat. One friend told me to avoid all meat, but someone I met last night, and who was born in Kerela said that there was beef dish that was a speciality of the region.

Hello.....not long now; 2 weeks until departure in fact!

I am really excited about the trip and have started to think about what I need to pack for Kerala!  The weather should certainly be better than here now or indeed the Outer Hebrides in May!

I also heard not to eat the meat and to make sure rice hasn't been sitting around for hours!  I think, as with anywhere, you just need to see what everyone else is eating and ask for recommendations!

Looing forward to meeting you both and everyone else in Kochi.  Libby



So as I understand it the trip has a maximum of 14 people and it is full booked.  So far we know from this forum that on the trip is David, Sharon, Emma, Alex, Simon, Sara and that's half group!

Looks like a biggish group then on 14. Finally sorted the Visa thing. Thanks fo the info Emma, it helped. Hi Simon and Sara. Beef? I thought cows were sacred in India? Maybe not this region? I fly in 11 days, and have no time to get ready in the meantime, but just need a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, right? Very much looking forward.... Some hot weather is just the ticket. The sub-zero temperatures and Xmas parties have meant putting the cycling on hold for a while. It'll be nice to not have to put on lots of layers to cycle. See u all soon.

Properly excited now.

Very excited indeed! Checked in online. Packed days ago as been with my parents over Christmas and going straight to the airport! Hopefully we can get to meet before the official welcome/meeting Saturday afternoon. Safe travels everyone!

its nice and warm here, just arrived :-) good travels!

hope you are enjoying the sun. I meant to ask, did you exchange some money at the airport or wait til kochi ( or using Atms) ? 


In Dehli I got 100 pounds worth at a "Bank of India" kiosk and got about 85 rupees to the pound. I thought that was quite good for an airport as officially it's 88. Not used ATMs yet, but may not as everything is very cheap here cup of tea = 25p Pancake = 125p. Even fine dining restaurant meals are about 5-7 pounds. I guess, if you want to something in the airport, then I guess you need to change there? getting through customs, collecting baggage and checking in baggage took me quite a while, so would do that first? before exchange. Wonderful here, weather, plus the people. Only hassle is the tuc tuc drivers so far, feels very safe. Have a good trip.

thank you for that

I look forward to it! Tuc tuc drivers are the same all over Asia! just waiting for my flight. A long day ahead, enjoy the sun . See you tomorrow morning 

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