Cycle the Coast of Kerala 28/29 December 2018



Not sure there is much activity on here, or perhaps I'm doing something wrong? Just to say, I am going on this trip land only booked from 29 December, but will be in Kochi a couple of nights earlier at a beach resort and staying one extra night in Varkala. Really looking forward to it! However, awful recent news regarding the floods in the area and to read about the impact on local people is very sad indeed.

I've never been to India before, so any tips gratefully received. 

I know there were 6 people booked already, maybe if you are going too and you read this, we can say "Hi"? 

hi David

I am also doing this trip, but no extra time sadly for me as fitting it into my Time of work. 

It has been sad seeing the news about Kerula 😢

I have never been to India on my travels either so looking forward to this trip! Will be a good introduction to India and hopefully the first of a trips to this country



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