cycle the drakensberg and kruger

First time with Exodus and first time on a cycling holiday, so a little apprehensive will be able to keep up. Anyone else in the same position?

Hi Jane - yes, I'm the same. With winter training here almost exclusively of the indoor variety, I think I'll be fine with the distances, but hills and pace are going to be an adventure. I just keep telling myself that if it takes me a bit longer to get there, I just get to appreciate the scenery that much more.


Looking forward to the trip, first time in South Africa. Very unfit, been watching lots of cycling from my couch. Is there a broom wagon ?
Anyone know how much cash to take ?

It may be a struggle for everyone then, after the weather has ruined everyones winter training!
This is copied from the trip notes about what spending money is needed:
£8 for incidentals each day, £15 for dinners not included and £10 for lunches not included.
Hope that helps.

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