Cycle Indochina and Angkor (MOC) Departing 27/28 July


I'm David. Wondering if there is anyone else going on this trip on here? I arrive a couple of days early on 26 July in Bangkok before joining the group, to explore a little. Plus, extending the holiday at the end in Phuket before returning to work. Really looking forward to it. See you in 8 weeks!

Hello, Looking forward to meeting everyone and the fun we will have together. Will be on group flights out and back from London, Heathrow. 

David, hope you find a buddy to hang out with during your extended days, that was an excellent idea.

Im getting all my VISA in the moment. Online VISA system for CAMBODIA does not recognise that we will be crossing into Cambodia by road at Poipe. Robyn from Exodus was encouraging "What I do know, is that British Passport holders can easily obtain their visa to Cambodia when crossing the border on the land". 

Hi Anne-Marie. Don't need a buddy to relax and take in some sights :-) I have my Cambodia Visa, was very quick and easy, but still need to fill in some arrival and departure cards, so not sure of the benefit, but Exodus told me it will save time! Nothing lost. 

Anne-Marie, Either you or me has been scammed (and I think it's you!) The website for the Cambodian Visa is and the cost was 36 dollars, I think. I've seen these sites before, and it looks like they have charged you an extra 69 dollars to make the application on your behalf, when you could have done it yourself! .... Of course it could have been me that was scammed! In anycase, 109 dollars is too much, surely?

Looking forward to meeting everyone at Heathrow everyone. Not sure if anyone wants to arrange a meet before we get on the plane or wait until we land. Not long now. Can't wait to start this adventure

Welcome Martyn - I'm sure we will all meet at check-in/departures/gate at Heathrow - so exciting

David, great link for Cambodia VISA  - typical me to rush and pick the first VISA company on the internet and get all the way through to the end without considering they are a profit driven service  - did same thing last year for India - so lesson learned (until forgotten)  AM x


Has anyone else reserved seat on the flights yet?

Hi Martyn. Only two weeks to go! I'm with Thai Airways and can only check-in 24 hours beforehand. 

  - WhatsApp me +41 78 866 5203 and I'll create an all admin trip group... 

Martyn re checkin,  moi also - I'm with Exodus booked Malaysia Airlines so can only check-in 24hrs before

I was just looking through the forums trying to find advice on the Heathrow strikes when I saw your posts.  I and a couple of other travellers are off to Vietnam on the 27th, via Thai Airways...we have all booked our seats outwards and inwards already, I got Exodus to do mine in fact, so it might be worth checking whether you can book seats now or not.  Have a great holiday.  Regards, Alan

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