Cycle Indochina & Angkor 06/01/18

Hi all,

Arriving in Bangkok a couple of days early as have not been to Thailand before. Wondered if anyone else doing the same and might wish to meet up?

yeah I am arriving on the 30th Jan - seemed too good an opportunity to miss..


30th December I meant


Hi Gordon,

Thanks for responding. I was looking at taking a trip to the Kwai Bridge and floating market on Saturday 06/01/18. Looking online there are a plethora of tour operators with varying feedback. Have you been to Bangkok before and had be able to recommend any of the local tour operators?

(Advice also welcomed from any other passing forum viewers.)






Hi Neale,




No I have never been to Bankok before so I am a complete newbe.


I would be all up for your suggestion though.




I fully intend to do some guided cycling trips around the city too though.




I haven’t really looked into exactly what I will get up to,




BTW I sm from Dundee in Scotland, will be 60 on the 8th January, I am single and semi-retired from the IT industry.


I am also an experienced road cyclist so the cycling will be on the easy side for me, but I am going for the overall experience and not the cycling!






Hello again Gordon,

Also a cyclist but have been constrained by injury last 2 months. Started back spin classes this week so should be able to improve my fiyness over the next month.

Would like to do the Kwai/floating market trip on the Saturday. Have been advised it is quite easy to do DIY but as first time in Bangkok and arriving fairly late on the Friday seemed easier to book an organised trip with pick up from hotel on the Saturday morning. Happy to liaise/book jointly with you if you are interested. 

Would be easier to communicate directly via email but wary of putting my email address on a public forum. 



Hi Neale - I had my own share of injury problems this year but things seem to be a bit better now. I too have veen going to spin classes as I am very wary about going out when there is ice about.

Most hapy to do the trip jointly on the Saturday. I move to the hotel on the Saturday as it is full earlier in the week so they put me somewhere else

My email is gordon at grwallace dot co dot uk for reference




My name is Nancy and i am traveling on my own. I am arriving in the evening of 6 January and would enjoy meeting up with you, if you are back from your trips.  I am staying at the Rembrandt, the same hotel as those arriving on the 7th.   I have been riding, as I live in Arizona (USA) when it is winter in Europe . However, it is quite dry- read desert -so the humidity, most likely will be an issue for me at the beginning.   My email address is [email protected].  Look forward to meeting you.

Hi all. We will be arriving Bangkok Jan 4 from Canada attempting to get over our jet lag before the bike trip starts. I have been to Bangkok a few times and would recomend a pass on the floating market in Bangkok. It just doesnt exist in Bangkok anymore. My daughter just got back and she said she saw only 1 boat selling over priced drinks and trinkets. Consider it a boat ride if you decide to go. There may be others outside of the city that still function as a market but I dont know. We are staying at cheaper hotel near Khoa San Road which is an area made popular for back packers and budget travellers. We will be arriving at the hotel early Jan 7 near check in time. Looking forward to meeting you all.

Caroline and Aurie

Good to connect Caroline and Aurie and thanks for the tip about the floating market. Look forward to meeting you on or before the 07/01/18.


Jane & I arrive on Saturday 6th lunchtime from Glasgow & are staying at the Rembrandt. Will probably sleep the journey off by the pool before seeking out some Thai cuisine. Not planned Saturday 7th fully yet but as its J's first time in Bangkok so was thinking The Grande Palace & Catachak Market with a wee stroll around Patpong area (just cos its there). If anyone wants to hook up with us, it would be great! So excited 😁

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