Cycle Indochina Angkor March 3rd

Booked this trip note only 3 so far and one maybe so hope more sign on as

I am backing up at end to fo Hill Tribes of Vietnam on the 17th.Solo traveller and pretty ancient.

To those who made the commitment to this trip thanks.I honestly thought the numbers would not get it gauranteed.I was already putting a lame rrplacement trip into action but was riding this morning and checked trip status at a break Nearly choked on a banana but really happy Must be a group of people who are coming Hope to hear from fellow travelers

To any fellow travellers on this trip Merry Christmas 

Bad crash end of December couple of weeks in hospital but finally bavk riding this last week hard to take as lost7 weeks and all the training fown the drain but have specislist tomorrow and confident of all clear as local doc thinks im ok.Positive vib says ill be there oh arrive at hotel day before if anyone else is early

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