Cycle Nicaragua, Costa Rica & Panama 27/12/14

Hi, myself and my partner are travelling from UK for this trip and would like to hear from anyone else in our group. Hope you are all prepared and looking forward to the adventure! :-)

Hi Fifi,
I'm on this trip, it will be my third one this year. Only started cycling 18 months ago and have become an avid Exodos fan since my first trip. I've only done Moderate graded trips before so am a little apprehensive about this one, but there's always the bus if need be. Are you on the group flight from Heathrow?

Hi John, welcome!
No, we booked our own flights from Manchester and have a stopover in Newark, so will make our own way to the hotel. We have been cycling for 4 years but only fair weather so not done any serious miles for the last few months, Im sure we will be fine, its flat!
We are almost packed & ready, just need to dig out some summer clothes, be nice to have winter sun and extend our cycling year.
Vaccination boosters done, didn't bother with rabies as very few cases in Central America, also going for preventative measures against being bitten (rather than anti-malaria); DEET, plug in for hotel at night, then max strength garlic tablets & vitamin B6...every little helps! Hopefully it wont be too bad in the dry season.
I looked at the gallery photos from this trip and previous travellers look mixed (ie not all pro cyclists), it looks great :-) See you on the 27th

..its a shame the forum is so slow to update, no wonder not many use it! Anyway we will soon be there and meet the group in person (16?)....I'll be the one taking lots of photos ;-)

Yes Fiona I agree about the slow updating of the site, you would have thought a company this size could have come up with something better. I'll also be the one with the camera, just bought a new one after years of using a compact camera, only problem it weighs a ton.
On my last trip , Indo China & Ankor, I took all the mosquito stuff and didn't really need it, hope we're lucky with them on this trip too. See you in a few days.

Im only taking a compact (my official cycling camera) but my thinking is take 100s of pics and then better chance of getting some good shots amongst them! We have done cycling on holidays in Europe and some sportives, but this will be our first group cycling holiday. We did the Inca Trail at Easter which was an amazing experience, you can easily get hooked on adventures :-) I'll sign off now as Im leaving work to go home do that Christmas thing, flying early Boxing day, change at NY then overnight stop in Newark arriving Managua 27th; fingers crossed everything will go to plan! I'll be happy when we are finally on the bikes ready to go! See you soon John, Happy christmas and safe journey

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