Cycling backroads of Sri Lanka - 13th Oct


Anyone else booked on this trip??! I am going with my friend Marie and we will be on group flight from Heathrow (I think?!) so if anyone fancies a pre flight glass of fizz give us a shout! Otherwise see you there!!

I am doing the Maldives bolt on for three nights at the end but Marie isn’t! Spoilsport!! Looking forward to it!!


Hi Sarah.  Yes I am.  I’m going on my own and really looking forward to it.  I’m also doing the tag on of 3 nights in the Maldives! I figure I’ll need a few days on a sun lounger after all that cycling! 

Hi Rachael

thats great news! We can get the speedboat together!!

Now just need to try to drop a bit of excess weight and get fitter!! Nothing like leaving it to the last minute!

Marie is transferring from Dublin and joining group flight in London. I am getting the bus to airport from North Buckinghamshire so we will probably meet somewhere for a bite to eat and glass of fizz after security. You are more than welcome to join us?? I will post on here when we decide on time and place then it’s up to you! Otherwise see you the other side! 


Great!  Thanks for the offer.  Will see how I am for time at Heathrow.  I’m on the early flight to Male -7.25am!!! I figured with only 3 days there I’d like to get there and make the most of it...

Me too! i didn’t get a choice they just put me on it! Is gonna be a early pick up from our hotel but can sleep when there. Think the flight back is early too to catch our connection?

Fab re airport! I will let you know where we are then you can see how you go. I have short dark bobbed hair, Marie has short light hair. Probably knowing her be the ones laughing in the corner! Will let you know what we are wearing on the day and where sat. 

Have done a few cycling trips with Ex so if you haven’t and want you to ask anything feel free! No taking my rightful place at the back 😂normally at front on downhill but back on uphill!!!

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