Cycling the Backroads of Sri Lanka

I am booked to go on the Cycling the Backroads of Sri Lanka trip starting on November 22nd and would love to hear from anyone else who is going on this trip.

I have been on quite a few trips with Exodus and Explore before, including cycle trips to Vietnam, Rajasthan and Burma. I have also done some long distance cycling trips in Europe, including France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and Holland.

I am very much looking forward to the trip and to meeting you all.


Dear Pam,
My friend Brian and I are going on this trip. We are super excited. We cycled the Atlas Mountains 2 years ago. We land at 10:45 am from India. We will then wait for the group to transport to the starting point. This will be a great trip! Anne

Hi Anne,
Great to hear from you. Yes, I am pretty excited too! I'm impressed that you have cycled in the Atlas Mountains - That must have been tough! I did a trek there in May with Explore including Toubkal, but that was walking!

I am very much looking forward to meeting everyone. I have booked land only, but am in fact on the group flight.


We did cycle the Atlas Mountains and it about KILLED us! Looks like there are only 6 of us booked on this trip. Mighty but strong, right? Brian and I are just out for the experience and enjoy the ride. We are never in a race to finish first. You will find we are usually in the back of the pack enjoying our day. Anne

Ruth and I are looking forward to the trip, though Ruth is concerned that she might be slow compared with everyone else. In fact, she is fine and has plenty of stamina and resilience. Who found out that there are only six on our trip? Did you phone the company to find out or is there an online way of finding that out? We have cycled with Exodus in India, Cuba, Burma and South Africa. We look forward to meeting you all.

I have just noted that our comments are not posted online immediately and they are vetted by Exodus first. I thought my first message had got lost, so I repeated it. Apologies for the duplication.

Hi Gordon. About the 6, I asked my contact in Canada how many people were on the trip. Tell Ruth not to be concerned, we have all day to cycle! That is why we are there! I don't even own a bike, just take spin classes to get ready. We plan on having a great holiday!


Lovely to hear from you all! Can't wait to meet you! And I agree with Anne and Gordon - we are there for the ride, for the experience, to see the country in a way that really allows you to get close to it and we'll all support one another.

I'm sorry I didn't intend my previous post to be completely anonymous. I forgot to sign it - I won't this time!


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