Cycling the Cape and wine yards


This will be my first trip with Exodus so thought I'd start a post to see who else is going. I'll be travelling solo so a little anxious. Be lovely to make contact with you before we go. Is anyone planning to stay an extra night at the end to enjoy cape town?


Hi Michelle,
It is a good time, cycling with Exodus. This will be my 3rd.
I am arriving Capetown a day early and will stay 3 days after to explore the area.
Chat some time.

Hi Michelle/Jim,

I'm on the trip starting in cape town on 1st November. Like Jim I've also travelled with exodus before and had a great time. I'm not getting there early but am staying on a couple of days longer.

Looking forward to it!


Hi Katie and Michelle,
I am in the late November departure. Katie, I see you noted an early November booking. Have fun. Looking forward to it, only 3 months away.
Safe travels....

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