Cycling Drakensberg + Kruger MZD

Hi, Not long until this departure now, and I'm wondering who else is on the trip. It never really occured to me to go to South Africa until a month ago, and now I'm really looking forward to what sounds to be an adventure. Patrick

Hey Patrick, you going 19th November? (I am). Can't wait! Looking forward to cycling with Zebras! Dave

Pleased to virtually meet you. I too am on the Drakensberg trip. It's 9 years I think since I did the Capetown trip with Exodus. The highlight of that was Whale watching, so hopefully we will have some spectacular wildlife on this trip too. The mileage looks fairly easy on this trip, so maybe it's going to be very lumpy. Also the temperatures look quite low, so maybe it's high - not had much time to check many details - have you any more information? I don't know why the website thinks I am called Anonymous, my name is Jacqueline

Hi Jacqueline and Dave,

Good to have you on board our own Departure Lounge.

It's true that the mileage does not seem excessive, though the Exodus cycling trips I have been on in the past denoted as being Moderately Challenging could equally be considered as being Challenging by many. Looking at some of the Reviews I suspect the same will be true here, maybe as a result simply of hills or headwinds - we'll see. Are you both regular cyclists? I have done a fair amount on and off road.

Are you taking malarial prophylactics? Sounds like we should do for Kruger.


Hi both,
Don't worry I'm anonymous for no reason as well. I received an email from Exodus a few days ago which shows a great hotel for the first night which I've looked up and seems perfect. The rest, well we'll see I suppose - a great adventure. I'm really looking forward to the wildlife too. An average amount of cycling Patrick (all road and not for few months, around 900 miles this year, so should have it in my legs). I got some Malarone last week from chemist (only need to take it 2 days before Kruger, and 7 days after and no side effects). I think the weather will be perfect. Are you both on the group flight from heathrow then? (I'm on it but booked independently). If you are we could meet up for coffee before flight. I notice that immediately on landing there's a +3hr bus ride, so a tired first night I suspect.
Only 3 1/2 more work weeks...

Yes Dave, I feel sure that we shall visit some remarkable places, and glad to hear that the first night's accommodation looks promising. My doctor prescribed Malarone for Kruger too, though she left herself less committed regarding the likelihood of side effects. I'm booked on the group flight, so yes, let's meet air side. I think there is a Fullers bar in the departures lounge that serves coffee. Where in the UK are you based? Patrick

Hi Patrick,
That sounds good. I live in Leicester (just for work). As it's an evening flight, I'll take a leisurely drive down in the afternoon and meet up in Fuller's for coffee or beer. My mobile's 07801 309635 if you want to drop me a text sometime and I'll send you one when I get to Fuller's. Whereabouts are you based? Ps high unlikelihood of side effects, but not guaranteed... possible few vivid dreams/other small effects, but I think we'll survive. Sounds like you've done a few Exodus cycling trips (I've only done one, a year ago to Costa Rica which was amazing)

Hi Dave, Yes, it's helpful having an evening flight, and I have an easy journey from Hampshire. It will be interesting to hear about the Costa Rica trip as I was thinking of doing that one day. It's true that I've done several Exodus trips previously, the most spectacular to India and most recent to Slovenia, all cycling. Have a good weekend. Patrick

Not sure that I will be taking a phone but will aim to be somewhere in the front of the departures lounge Fullers Bar with a bag carrying a green strapped Exodus baggage label.

Hello again to Patrick & Dave - sorry its been so long since I was last in the departure lounge - I have a lot on, so its usually a bit last minute for me to get around to looking at the paperwork etc.
I too am on the group flight and will try to find you at the Fullers bar, but I am flying in on the Manchester domestic flight, so we will see how I fare.
Do you think we have a trip of 3? Is there anyone else out there?
I have looked on better weather websites tonight and it looks hot and stormy. Exciting lightening photos of Joberg.
I have not been on my bike much this year as I broke my shoulder skiing in the spring and its taken all summer to get put right. I am trying to catch up a bit of training now, but I don't have much time available, so its difficult. Hope I don't hold you up too much. Must go now to buy my Malarone and Rand.

Good to hear from you Jacqueline. I'm pretty sure there are 7 group members at the very least. No one will be holding the group up - the slowest group member only reminds everyone else that the purpose of cycling is to experience the surroundings rather than get from A to B in the shortest possible time (something that is easily achieved in the support vehicle :-) ).

Hi Patrick
I had a call from exodus last week and think I'm on an earlier Heathrow flight by 3 hours (6pm) so will probably miss you at Fuller's... see you in Jo Burg! Dave

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