Cycling in Greece - Sept. 26th

Hi - I'd love to connect with others going on this trip! I am a single traveler and a little nervous about the economy in Greece. I am from the United States. My name is Amy.

Thank you!

Hi Amy. Yep - I'm on the same trip and can't wait!! The advice I've been given is not to rely on being able to obtain cash during the week. But who knows....... As long as the food/weather/grog combination is good I'll be happy ☺

Oops - nearly forgot. I'm Brian.

I am just now getting your response Brian...and we are two weeks away. Can't wait!! I am about to catch up on the latest news about the Greek economy, but I have heard the same thing - to bring cash. I look forward to meeting you in person! I am on Facebook if you'd like to connect there before the trip - Amy Antimucci See you soon! :)

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