Cycling the hill tribes of Vietnam


Anyone going on the Vietnam hilltribes cycling trip 2-17 November?

I'm heading out a day earlier but it'd be good to hear from folk.



Hi Dave,

I am.  Just booked.  I believe it starts on 3rd November.  I've booked my own flights and arrive in the evening on 31st October.  I've not sorted out a hotel for those extra nights yet.

I've done an Exodus cycling holiday before, but a grade 3.  I'm going to get some hill practice in before this one, if it stops raining long enough :)


I'm staying in the same hotel as Exodus booked (Lenid) for the extra night.

Yes - the quoted ascents are quite daunting (particularly 2000m on day 10!).  Still we've got all day.

Just in case you're a Brit (or other exempt country) and hadn't realised, the Vietnam visa exemption is only valid for 15 days.  Assuming you'll be there just over that, like me, you'll need an e-visa.  I'll order mine soon.

Yes - got mine a few weeks ago.  Fairly straightforward process online.

I live in Scotland so finding hills isn't a problem, though avoiding rain is trickier.

Just starting to think about what to take: pleasant temperatures in Hanoi but more difficult to be sure of the climate in the hills.  Any thoughts?

Good question!  I usualy just wear normal shorts & tshirt for rides in warm weather.  I don't really have special cycling gear nor do I often go on really long rides. 

My plan is to get some cheap Decathlon or Aldi quick-dry tshirts as I reckon it's going to alternate between hot & humid  and cool & damp haha.  So I want to wear layers that can dry quickly, and ideally be quickly washed in the hotel sink and still be dry by the following morning.  Although I guess I can put on damp clothes and hope they dry as I start cycling.

One piece of advice I have from doing a previous cycling holiday in Asia ... have shoes that can get wet.  Some people swapped their trainers for sandals and in one case flip-flops.  I have some hiking shoes that can kind of cope with water.  Someone else just had trainers and spend the night trying to dry them with a hairdryer and failed :)

Yes, I'm not a ****ing robot!! Grr.

Good advice.

I've previously done some self-supported cycle touring where weight is a big factor, so having the luxury of taking extra stuff is a real bonus.

The robot thingy is a real pain, particularly when you don't spot the fraction of a traffic light on the edge of a box!

I've not done a self-supported long ride.  The most I've had to carry is panniers full of food and some clothes for an overnight stay at a friend's place.

This trip should be great as all our luggage just magically appears at each hotel when we arrive.

I gave up researching and took the easy option of staying at the Lenid hotel prior to the trip.

Adrian - I'll look out for you when I arrive. Dave

Hi Dave,

That'll be good.  We'll have to work out a way of getting in contact without splatting our personal details all over this public forum.  Probably stick a notice up in the hotel reception area or something.  We'll work it out.

You arrive Saturday I assume?

Hopefully some other travellers will see this forum thread and join in the fun.  As long as they're not robots. 

Absolutely.  Arrive probably mid afternoon on Saturday

Hi Adrian

Enjoy your flight over to Hanoi.  Leave a message at the reception for me and we can meet up for a beer.

Dave Simpson

Thanks Dave - will do!

Hotel is fine. Exodus guy was at the airport on time. Found a good Pho and loads of beer places.

I'll leave a note at reception with my details and we can meet in reception at 6pm, but feel free to change the time depending on how you feel when you arrive.

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