cycling Kerala 25 October


Just saying hi to anyone going on the trip, if anyone wanted to chat.

Had my vaccines yesterday! Arm kills. 

Not long to go now, it's going to be an adventure 😊


Hi Caroline

My friend Kat and I are also doing the trip, we are getting excited about it now, Visa done and jabs ongoing!

Are you travelling alone?


Hi Georgina,

Lovely to hear from you! Yes I'm travelling alone. I have some time off work and fancied an adventure with like minded people. Getting excited. All my jabs done now, I had rabies as the nurse was a scare monguerer, but I'm sure the risks are v low. Look forward to meeting you both and feel free to message me xx


That's brave of you - i'm impressed!

I've no idea how many of us there will be but i am sure we will have some fun and Kerala has been on my bucket list for ages.

Have you worked out clothing yet?

Oh thank you, I fancied having some me time and figured everyone will be nice. My brother's done a few trips on his own and loved it.

At the moment I'm buying cotton t shirts and second hand combat/cargo style shorts on ebay. I guess we'd need a few pairs with cycling in the heat 😜. How about you? X

Oh, and I was told there are 13 of us when I booked 👍

I haven't made it to clothing yet, recent focus has been getting youngest off to Uni so now I can get my head around what i need - i did buy a couple of pairs of flip flops at the weekend as I think i have seen those on the list! Need to get organised quite soon i think!


Ooh that's exciting, that will be me next year with my daughter.

Plenty of time to get clothes sorted, lots still in the end of summer sales!! 👍

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