Cycling matera and puglia

Hi, Steve here excited for our upcoming trip!

Hi Steve. My name is Mandy, my husband Nigel and myself will be joining you on the trip. This is our first full cycling holiday, we took our bikes with us to Bridlington earlier in the year and did a couple of days cycling up and down the hills to get ready for the holiday as we are from the flat fens of Lincolnshire.

Nice to,hear from you, I too come from the flatlands of the USA. Indianapolis is located in the Midwest,Indiana. been trying to do some hill climbs as well. Looking forward to the trip. When do you arrive in Bari? I arrive Friday afternoon.
This is my first cycling vacation and I will be traveling solo. Looking forward to meeting both of you

Hi Steve, we arrive in Bari on Saturday, not too sure on the timings as the file with the details in has corrupted so need to chase this up.
Are you traveling anywhere else whilst you are across in Europe?

I'm spending that extra day in Bari then at the end of the trip an extra 2 days in lecce. Then back to US. Might take a day trip to Greece if time permits

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