Cycling Sardina 29th October

Hi all,
just a post to say hello to anyone on the 29th October departure. This is my first cycling holiday in 3 years so I am most definitely out of practice. I've signed up to the electric bike upgrade but wondering if it is just too shameful to consider?
little over 3 weeks to go. can't wait!

Hi Natasha,

I will also be on this trip, looking forward to it, like you its been a while since my last trip (4 years) I think the electric bike option is a good shout, something you can always use when you fancy it (longer climbs it may come in handy!!). Do you cycle much at the moment?


I'm trying to get out most weekends. either in Thanet where my boyfriend lives or near to East Grinstead where I live. The problem is thanet is pancake flat so it's not helping the training!

This weekend we are going on a longer route down to Eastbourne. I feel better about the bike after hearing from you. My friend has just returned from this exact trip. She said it was great fun but that days 2 and 3 are most definitely challenging. No-one on her trip was on an electric bike which was rather gutting to hear.

I’m glad the trip says it is now limited availability. When we booked at the end of August there was only one other on the trip! It seems to have filled up very quickly.

Are you a regular cyclist? and are you on the group flight?

Hi Natasha,

The only cycling I do at the moment is commuting to and from work, I've done a few longer runs but nothing up hill so just going to have to take it slow and steady or there is always the bus! Yes on the group flight.

Not long at all now just try to get some Decent runs in before the holiday but at the same time try not to over do it!

I booked this late so I think there must be over 12 people going should be good.

Cheers Richard

I have not gone for an electronic bike - hope I do not regret this! I have never done a cycling holiday before and am hoping this will help me improve my cycling which is poor at best. The cycling I have done is for short triathlons and slow and steady would be my description. I live in Yorkshire so am used to cycling up hills but not consistently up hills for prolonged length of time. Due to declining weather my training is now spin classes. Hope I do not let you all down.

Hi Karen,

This a cycling holiday so i would say it will be quite relaxed, its about enjoying the cycle journey and taking in the culture and surrounding area and of course the food! there are some very positive write ups on here, so really looking forward to it now. I think there will be many different levels of cyclists on this holiday so everyone just needs to go at a speed they are comfortable with. I spoke to Lucy @ exodus today and i think there are 12 people booked on for this so far.

Cheers Richard

do not worry at all about your cycling proficiency! I've done many cycling trips and all have included wildly varying abilities.
if it gets too hard you can always get on the bus. I don't think I could live it down if I have an electric bike AND get on the bus but I'm not ruling it out!
Looking forward to meeting you both.

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