Cycling Vietnam Departing 16th April

Hi all
Just wanted to say hello and I'm looking forward to meeting you all on our cycling adventure in Vietnam. Anyone else departing from Heathrow? Maybe see you there, if not then in Vietnam! See you soon :-)


I be departing from Heathrow too :-)

First time for the long haul flight!!

Hello, that's great!

I could arrange to meet you at Heathrow if you like? :-)

Hi Fran,

I'm not sure what time I'll be at Heathrow as I'm driving down from Nottinghamshire.
Also I've not been to Heathrow before, so you might need to carry a clipboard and a brolly for me to find you! haha

10 days to go!

Hi folks, Nigel & Colette here, flying out on Vietnam airlines, Saturday. Looking forward to the trip.

Hi Nigel and Colette, look forward to meeting you soon, it's going to be hot! :-)

Yes it will certainly be hot - plenty of opportunity to rehydrate though!

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