Delhi to Kathmandu Oct 29


Tried posted a couple months ago but no replies so thought I'd try again as it's closer to leaving.
I've booked on this trip and was wondering if anyone else who as booked is lurking about! I'm getting the Heathrow flight. It's my first time flying alone, travelling alone so bit daunted.


We are booked on this trip, flying out of Heathrow. We have done 2 previous Exodus trips and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Hi Rachel & John. Nice to know I won't be arriving alone so that's reassuring, presuming you are getting 9W121 20:45 flight.
It's my first Exodus trip and I'm really looking forward to it, if a wee bit scared!
Got an appointment today for the jabs but need to sort the visas. I was going to get the eVisa, how have you done it?


Yes, we are on that flight too. Haven't applied for the visas yet but planning to go for eVisas. We were with a great group of people on our last Exodus trip.

Yes, we are on that flight too. Haven't applied for the visas yet but planning to go for eVisas. We were with a great group of people on our last Exodus trip.

I'm sure it will be another great group of people :)

I'm looking forward to it even if nervous.

No doubt nearer the time I might have some questions!

Where else have you been with Exodus?

We have done Beyond the Mayan World (Mexico, Guatamala and Honduras) in a group of 14 and A Week in Jordan with just 2 others. Both were great trips. When I played the balance for this one I was told that there were 7 of us booked to go bit there could be others booking last minute.

I was looking at the Jordan one to maybe do next, either that or one of the Peru trips with my friend when she figures out what dates she can do.
Yes there were 5 others when I booked for this, with a decent age range so should be a good mix. Realy looking forward to it, just getting nervous as it's approaching but think once I've been somewhere 'solo' I'll be ok in future! Looking forward to meeting you guys. :)

Hi Nicola,Rachel &John
I'm on same flight out of Heathrow doing the TNT Everest base Camp Trek.
Ill keep an eye out for any Exodus bags in the check in queue
to hopefully make contact/introduce
,also solo travelling

Well I've just applied for the eVisa for India. That was a barrel of laughs, so frustrating. Is anyone getting the Nepal visa or getting it at border?

Not applied for my Nepalese visa as yet - was going to do evisa also to save a trip to London.(Ive been advised its a nightmare at airport for visa applications (I assume a bit chaotic especially after a long flight)
Jabs tonight also (cant wait !)

Ugh don't receive emails to say there has been a reply despite ticking the box.

Got my Indian Visa through today. Thought we just get our Nepal visa when we cross the border on the bus?

I got my jabs last month. just needed HepA & Typhoid but had to get them separate, one in each arm, as doctors ran out of the combined one. Good thing I don't mind needles!

What are you doing money wise? Taking sterling or converting into dollars first?

We are planning to apply for the Indian visas this weekend. I thought you could only apply within 30 days of travel but that is obviously not correct if you already got yours. Have not decided what to do about the Nepal one. I guess it saves time to get it in advance.

We are planning to just take sterling. It seems silly to pay y
to convert it to dollars then pay again to convert then to local currency. Also, you don't need to worry about having some left over at the end.

It's within 34 days of travel I think (I remember it being a weird number) and it let me do it and enter Delhi between 28-30th Oct or something.
Yeah I've decided on Sterling, it's just be overthinking after reading some posts about travelling to India on the internet!
If you are getting on the group flight, would you mind meeting up before we board? Just so I recognize your faces for when we arrive in Delhi so I don't end up lost alone in the airport! I'm such a panicker! Think after I've done this once I'll be ok just it's my first time I really don't know what to expect and I've never flown alone before! :)

We will be travelling from Dublin on 29th and will meet you at the hotel in Delhi. This will be our 5th trip with Exodus!

Hi Bill & Rita. It will be nice to meet you!
Where else have you been with Exodus? I'm fancying the Jordan one and some of the South America ones, so if can afford it might do another next year provided I enjoy this experience as much as I hope to do!

we have been to peru, galapagos, cuba and the thai indochina grand tour. we cancompare notes when we meet up.

Sounds like a plan Bill.
Well I'm starting to get a bit nervous and excited now. Just booked the airport parking, 2hr drive to Newcastle fly to Heathrow first before getting group flight. I would have to live in Cumbria!
Now I'm debating what to pack and how much, I always over pack and don't really want to do that for this! Just ordered a trespass wheelie holdall from Amazon so hoping that will be good as only cases I have are smallish weekend ones.

Hi all, I am just on last two days of this trip from an earlier departure and about to start another nepal trek with Exodus. Thought I would share some tips:
The visa for Nepal at border is easy and cheaper, however they've stopped taking pounds due to Brexit fluctuations. You also don't get good rates at most change counters for same reason that they are worried that by the time they take the notes to their Head Office it will be worth less. Pound over here in Asia at moment is not welcomed.
Second tip, bring something for sore throats - traffic in all the India cities and Kathmandu is terrible and lots of diesel fumes and loads of us had sore throats as result.
They had a bad monsoon so count on the Varanasi to Lumbini day to take a long time - it was nearly 14 hours for us as we were first departure of season and roads were very rough which exodus didnt know.
Women travellers do consider bringing a shewee - there are a lot of questionable toilets sometimes especially on ghe the sleeper train. Speaking of which, the aircon on it is set to max. Bring something warm with you to sleep in and if you get the top bunk of the aisle you may need thermals as you are directly under the vent.
Bring immodium as a back up but if you listen to your guide (ours was fab) about what to eat, you should be okay (bring hand sanitiser and use it often). We only had 1 person get bad Delhi belly out of 16.
Overall the trip is amazing even with all the early starts and long journeys. I loved Chitwan.
I did the Annapurna mini circuit extension too (five of us did) which was great. Now just resting in the Kathmandu hotel before EBC trek next week

Thanks Mel. So what do you recommend, bringing dollars/euro instead of sterling? I was going to use my Visa card too.

Everywhere seems to like US dollars, although i guess if the election is during your trip, there may be fluctuations. Indian ATMs certainly charged less to use than Nepal ones so aim to make withdrawals in as few times as possible.

Thanks Mel. Will try get to the bank to get some dollars out as well just in case.
Now the question....what to pack haha!

My mobile number is 07725405681 if anyone would like to text me before the flight :)

Hi. Just thought I would say hello! Should be a great trip and I look forward to meeting you all!

I finally got round to checking out the departure lounge... better late than never. Well, if I had read the comment about US dollars being preferable I would have got some today. I hope Euros will be ok. It's my first trip with Exodus, first trip to India and Nepal. Look forward to the trip and to meeting you. I will be on the flight on Saturday from Heathrow.

No worries Simone!
My mobile number is above if want to quickly meet, see faces before boarding :)

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