Discover Chile - 18 Dec Departure - Hello!


Just seeing if anyone else out there is on this trip and wants to say hello before we go!

I am not on the group flights (will be getting in a bit earlier but the same day) and have already connected with someone on the same flights (Margaret if you are reading it, do BA keep cancelling your flight and replacing it with an identical one as well?!!!).

Looking forward to meeting you all


Hi Susie and Margaret. I'm on the group flight but I tried to get an upgrade cos being tall I find the it difficult to sleep in standard class, no world traveller plus or whatever seats available sooooo.... I shelled out for club class - very extravagant!

Looking forward to the trip and meeting you all.

Hi Susie,Pete and anyone else going to Chile on Sunday.
Looking forward to meeting you all and having a great trip together.Margaret

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