Discover Costa Rica March 26th


Just wondering who I will be travelling with! I am in my 50s and travelling solo. I did the Gorillas and Masai Mara trip 6 years ago with Exodus, also solo and loved it.
I am really looking forward to the trip, but still quite nervous!
Be good to hear from fellow travellers :-)


Hi Karen
I'm travelling solo also. This is my sixth trip with Exodus and although I am nervous I am also very excited.
Karen I shall look forward to meeting you. There were 13 on this trip a month ago so we should have a good time.

Hi Jackie
Lovely to hear from you! Wow you are well travelled with Exodus!! I am flying out separately from the group flight, though on the same date, so am a bit anxious about that! Look forward to meeting you too. Getting excited now :-)

Hi Karen
I am not sure whether I am with the group or not! I am travelling via Washington on the 26th. I shall look forward to meeting you and everyone else in Costa Rica. I am flying back via Canada and it has just been announced that I need a visa for Canada which is a pain. See you soon. Jackie

Hi Jackie

What a pain having to get a visa for Canada! I am also flying via Washington on the 26th. I don't think I am on the group flight as I arrive in San Jose at 10.15 which I believe is later than the rest of the group. Slightly worried about arriving so late and probably wanting a shower etc when roommate is probably fast asleep (or wanting to be!!!) :-O
What time do you arrive in San Jose?
See you soon, Karen

Hi Karen

It sound as though we will be on the same flight out. I shouldn't worry about waking anyone. If your lucks in you may get a single room. Sometimes this happens. I have booked single supplement as I like my own space.

I shall look out for you in the departure lounge. I have a real pain in my neck at the moment which is stopping me from getting over excited but I am thinking positive and it WILL be better by Sat.

See you next weekend!

Hi Jackie
Poor you! Hope that gets better as soon as possible! Perhaps the warm temperature will ease it. I would have loved to have had a room to myself as I too like my own space, but thought it was a bit steep to pay the £400 or whatever it was ( a weekend away here in the uk!) See you next weekend. I am more nervous than excited at the mo, but am looking forward to the trip :)

Been with exodus more times than I really care to remember but can recommend every trip unreservedly. I travel on my own but it is always fine.
Does anyone else play bridge? I'll bring packs of cards if so.
Not sure why my name comes up as anonymous but I'm Judy.
Really looking forward to the bird life above all

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