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Anyone out there in the october 18th trip?
I am very excited!!!


Hi my name is Helen, I'm on this trip as well. Are you on the group flight, I am?

Hi Helen

Sorry for the late reply, I have been caught up in work.
I think I am on the group flight, there are several from what I understand. I am on the 7pm at heathrow SA airlines.
I have a different flight coming back though as they were all sold out of the group one.

My name is Chris. Really looking forward to the trip. Flying out of Heathrow at 19.00 on Oct 4th. If anyone wants to make contact ahead of time, I can be reached on 07798 607767 or email [email protected] If you want to hook up at Heathrow to say "hi" and have a drink (land or air side), give me a bell. I guess there will be plenty of hanging around! Kind regards, Chris.

Contact me by email or phone. Details on my earlier message.


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