Discover Namibia - Camping departure 2 Sep 2018

Hi, just introducing ourselves. There's possibly 9/10 of you who will be joining us for this exciting trip. We are - Celia and my partner Kevin. We live in Suffolk,UK. 

Hi Celia - We're not on this trip (we're on the 4 x 4 Namibia trip later in the month) But we did the Discover Namibia trip in 2008 - You can look forward to a tremendous adventure, hence our return this year. You may find our photo-trip diary interesting .....

Hiya, thanks for responding. We had a  quick look at your amazing account and photos of your 2008 trip.  It looks fabulous and your photos are very good. We will have a more detailed read after our trip to Yorkshire this week.

Best regards 


Hi Celia & Kevin. Not many people commenting on this forum but we are going too. The 'we' are Ron & Mileta, geriatrics from Australia. Looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the group (if there are any).

Ron and Mileta, how lovely it was to hear from someone else on our trip:)

We very much look forward to meeting you in 11 days time. We were nos 10 & 11 when we booked so there are definitely some more adventurers to make contact with. HELLOOOO!

Kind regards

Celia and Kevin

Hello Celia, Kevin, Ron and Mileta.  I am joining you on this trip. My name is Mark and I am from Wiltshire, UK.  I will be travelling alone....until I join up with you guys.  Maybe I was number 12. I am not on the group flight so will be arriving a few hours after most people. First time in Namibia but I did Botswana a few years ago. Looking forward to meeting you in a few days.


We will also be joining you for this trip and we are really excited about it (counting down the days at work).

Looking forward to meeting you all soon.

Hazel & Mark

Warwickshire, UK

You know that "whoops" moment when you suddenly realize that you've gone in the wrong sex toilets? I've got it now because our Namibia tour is the one that starts on 1 October, not 2 September! Enjoy yourselves - I'm off to meet my group.

Shame Ron - at least you got the chat going :) Have a great trip.

Really worth reading the Strathspeywildlife link. Gives you a really detailed account of what we may encounter.  Thank you for sharing this with us.

Wish my memory was that good. See you all in a few days for the big adventure.


So - Five go to Namibia :) Mark 1 and Mark 2 (or Tudders)? Yes - the Larachmor link is fantastic. Hazel and Mark are you on the Heathrow 18.35 flight?  We will both have green rucksacks and I'll have the Exodus tag on mine. Probably be swatting up with my Roughguide. Oh - Kevin is very tall (and bald), and I'm short with short dark hair. Of course you may wish to ignore us util a bit later!

See you all soon.


We are on the 17.40 from Birmingham.  Assuming you are connecting to the group flight from Amsterdam.  If so, we will look out for you later :)

Hi to anyone who is joining this trip.  We are Baz & Sue travelling from Manchester.  Does anyone have travel plugs as Amazon didn't deliver ours?!  We'll be the ones running around the airport trying to find one.

Hi - we just returned from this amzing trip. Re adaptors - on the vehicle there is an extension lead with x4 uk type sockets which can be used when on the road and at camp sites. Alternatively on arrival you go into Windhoek  for a short while and they are readily available.

Enjoy :)

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