Discover Sri Lanka - Premium (19DEC14)

Anyone else booked on Discover Sri Lanka - Premium (19DEC14)?


Hi Ken

Yes, on the holiday too and looking forward to it. Fancy a quick drink at the airport?


Hi I'm on the trip. I've been to Sri lanka 30 years ago so interested to see how it's changed.

Hi I'm up for meeting at the airport for a drink prior to flying.


I'm on this trip as well but will be flying separately from the group so won't be joining you for a drink at the airport. I'll see you all on 19th.


Hi Amber

Email is [email protected] - please get in touch and we can make an arrangement as to when and where to meet for the drink?



Also on this trip, would love to mee to up for drink at Heathrow. Will E mail you Joyce if that OK?

Cheers Pam

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