Discover Sri Lanka trip departing March 24th

Anyone out there on the above mentioned trip? Clare & I will be joining you but as late bookers will be on a different flight(s)

Hi, i dont know about you but im really looking forward to some warm weather.  I was also a late booking so which flight are you on - Im on Heathrow departing with Sri Lankan airways at 20.40 - not sure if thats a group flight or not.  Look forward to meeting you both.


Hi Everyone!

Ali - it sounds like I’m on the same flight as you. I wonder how many of us there will be?

it will certainly be nice to have to warm weather after all of this snow!!

Hello both,

I'll confess that we are on a different flight - in both directions. There was only 1 space left when we booked but I talked Exodus in to allowing us to join the March 24 trip. The snag is that we are going via Dubai and a rapid flight change so will arrive a few hours after the rest of you. We also leave a few hours earlier.

That said, we are both looking forward to the warmth Gill mentioned, although I see from another post that there is a fair bit of rain around.

If you have the time then read John Gimlette's "Elephant Complex". An interesting tour of the country which I have barely started.

Hiya! I'll be joining the tour as a solo traveller, and am really looking forward to meeting everyone in the group. I'm literally counting down the days until the trip and hoping that the rain makes way for the sunshine when we arrive. :-)

I'm arriving on the morning of Sunday 25th on a flight from the Maldives. So I won't get to meet any of you on the flight over.

See you in Sri Lanka though :-)

A few issues in the Kandy area in the last few days. I believe we stay there for 2-3 nights.

Hopefully it will quieten down in the coming weeks.

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