Discover Thailand, Laos and Cambodia

I have just booked onto this trip and am wodering who else is going? It sounds like such a great trip, I can't wait!

This is for the trip leaving the 15th of October, I'm flying out from Birmingham and looking forward to hearing from anyone else booked on it!

Hi there,
I have also just booked on to this trip. I will be travelling from London. Looking forward to it :o)

Hi Erica,

Thanks for your message, my flight will be landing the same time as the group flight so I'll see you in Bangkok airport. I'm looking forward to it too :) Not long to go now ..

Anyone else booked onto this trip? anyone already been on it who can let us know what its like etc?

Hi Karen,

Which airport are you flying out from? I have bought a couple of guidebooks which I have had a flick through. It's making me even more excited :)


Hi Katherine. Flying out from Heathrow on 9/10/15 day before the group flight. Yes my friend and I have a couple of guide books too and have also read a couple of the books from the reading guide. It will here before we know it!

Hi Karen,

I've just read your message again, I think you're on a different trip to me. I'm on 'Discover Thailand, Laos and Cambodia' not 'Thai Indochina Explorer'. I hope you enjoy your trip, it sounds great!

oh yes sounds like it. Have a fab time!

Also booked recently departing London 15 Oct. Have been to Thailand on previous holiday some years ago - was great. Looking forward to Laos - on TV recently and Cambodia as emerging countries. Reckon from posts there are now at least 3 of us and looking forward to meeting you Kathetine and Erica. Ian.

Hi Ian,

It's great to hear from you, it's my first time to this part of the world so I'm very excited! I saw the Mekong show that Sue Perkins presented, Luang Prabang looked lovely and I can't wait to get going. I'll see you soon in Bangkok!


Hi Katherine,
Definitely going to be a great holiday and looking forward to meeting you. Exodus holidays are always unique and have great guides. Quite envious you are flying from Birmingham as I'm from Derby but flying from Heathrow. See you soon! Ian

Hi Katherine & Ian
nice to see your messages. Sorry for not replying sooner but for some reason I'd didn't get an email saying I'd had a reply (I thought I'd ticked the box..)

I'm looking forward to the trip - have got the guide books but need to get on with reading them now. I actually booked the same trip a few years ago but it was cancelled (I was the only one booked on) so hoping for better luck this time! I think I was the 5th or 6th to book so there should be some others joining us. I'm coming from Heathrow on a BA flight :o)

Hi Erica and Ian,

I'm really looking forward to meeting you both now. That's a good number of us going and there's still time for others to join too. Erica - have you been to this part of the world before? I am particularly excited about going to Luang Prabang, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and the Angkor temples! It's all getting so close now!

hi there,
yes, I've been to a few countries around that region before and have always found them really lovely.

Hi All,

We all seem to be on different flights. I'm on MH003 from Heathrow at 12:00 midday 15 OCT. If you are in Heathrow for BA flight in morning could meet up. Also need to read up on tour books!.

I am not on this trip but done it previously, I just wanted to recommend the Buddha Park in Vientiane, it was by far the highlight of my whole holiday. You will be able to get your guide to arrange a car or tuktuk to take you.

Thanks for your recommendation, I saw the Buddha Park in my Lonely Planet guidebook and thought it looked great. I hope we get enough free time to go there on the day we have in Vientiane! Do you have any other recommendations for the trip?

I didn't think the things we saw in Vientiane was anything special compared to the Buddha Park so even if it means missing something off your itinerary its worth it. We all went kayaking in Vang Viene which was fun and stunning and the elephants at Luang Prabang is worth a look. You will be raving about the awesomness of Laos for ever!
Oh and try and watch some muay thai. We saw it in Bangkok which was expensive but worth it and in Penomphen were it is free

Thank you for the tips :) Kayaking and elephants sound great fun!

Thanks also for the tips - these are what make a good holiday great! Even more excited now!. Laos was main reason for booking as based on recent TV programmes this country look to be a hidden treasure.

Yes not long to go now, I'm so excited! I think that Laos will be incredible too, but I've always wanted to go to Cambodia so am particularly looking forward to exploring there :)

I received my final joining instructions today so now it seems very real! Not long at all now, I'm looking forward to meeting everybody.

Also received my e-tickets and counting the days to departure - just 10 working days to go now. Also really looking forward to meeting you all. Although we seem to be all on different flights I assume we meet up in Bangkok at about the same time. My flight lands at 10:15am on 16th. see you soon!

Hi Ian,

I found out today that there are 8 people on the trip. 3 are arranging their own flights, 3 are on Malaysian Airlines (including yourself) and 1 is on British Airways (Erica I think!) and I'm on Emirates. I think 8 is a great group size.

My flight arrives at 18.10 pm so will be a bit later than you. I hope I won't be the last to get to the hotel. I am going to start hunting down all my bits and pieces this weekend so I don't forget anything including adapters!
I'll see you soon!!

Looks like we're are only two chatting on here!! You have done well getting low down on our group. I agree 8 is about perfect. Intrigued by your bits and pieces - my hobby is photography so laptop, iphone, cameras and lots of cables and chargers are my priority. Shopping in Dubai airport is fantastic so I can see why you need more time! Looking forward to meeting you!. Ian

Hi Guys
Very sadly, I'll not now be joining you on the trip as I have had to cancel due to my father being ill. A real shame as I was really looking forward to it but I need to stay here. Anyway, I hope you have a lovely time - hopefully I can re-book in the future,

Hi Erica,

Oh dear, I'm really sorry to hear that your father has been unwell. I hope he gets much better soon.


So sorry and disappointed not to meet you. What a tough decision and really hope you have another opportunity to do this holiday in the future. As with Katherine I also hope your father gets well very soon.

Thanks Guys
I hope that you enjoy the trip

Thanks Guys
I hope that you enjoy the trip

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