Dumbest Question Ever: Luggage

First of all I will admit that this (to me at least) will sound like the most stupid question ever asked so please bear with me

I've never been to South Africa or any holiday like this before, until now I've only ever been on Beach Holidays or basic getaways with family. For this holiday is it the norm that you drag a Suitcase around with you from Hotel to Hostel etc... or are you meant to pack everything in a big backpack? I'm OK with either, I just don't want to turn up and be the odd one out/the awkward one walking around as if I have a silver spoon stuck in my mouth :o/


Depends on your trip! If you are based in one place then a suitcase is fine. If you are moving each day on a truck then a soft bag is better that will fit in a locker. If you are trekking then rucksack. If you aren't trekking but moving a lot then a bag with wheels is v useful!

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