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Electric sockets; sleeping bags and liners

Hi all,


 Hi all,

Can anyone tell me what sort of electric plugs are used in Nepal?

Secondly regarding sleeping bags for this trip should they be 4 season and is it better to use a liner? 

The Royal Singi in Kathmandu uses UK plugs- not sure about the tea houses. I'm taking a 4-season bag + liner. It gets v cold at altiutude and although some tea houses have duvets this is not guarenteed ( anyway they prob have not been washed for 6 months....) . You seem to be from Berkshire - so am I. 

Yes, the Royal Singi hotel where Exodus seems to place most of it's clients has an international socket board in the room. Nepal in general uses a three round pin plug like that used in India and South Africa. So an internet search for an Indian adapter should give you plenty of options.

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