Essential China

hi is anyone booked onto the essential China trip?

only 4 months to go, starting to get excited now!

Hi Hazel, yes I have just booked onto it this week in a moment of spontaneity! Can't wait for it now.

Hi I'm so glad someone has replied, I can't believe how near it is now! Are you a solo traveler or as part of a group? I'm on my own, mixture of nervousness and excitement.

Haha I did wonder why there were so few comments! I am travelling alone too, first time I have. I've never been to Asia before so looking forward to some new experiences. Not long to go, can't wait!

Hi James, are you on the group flight? I have done one trip a few years ago on my own, and absolutely loved it, we had a great group of people, so I have high expectations of this one, it doesn't help the nerves though! Iv not been to Asia either so don't know what to expect. Havnt even decided what I'm going to take yet!
What are your thoughts on the sleeper train?

Hey Hazel, Yes I am on the group flight from Heathrow (I believe that is the group flight?) Good to know you enjoyed your previous trip, I am expecting it to be amazing! What sort of size group did you have previously? I am curious to know how many will be on this one.
I am quite looking forward to the sleeper train, its something different and a new experience anyway. Reading about it, it sounds quite well run I think.
I also need to start thinking about what I'm going to take, will be travelling as light as possible I think! :)

Hi James, yes it is, I will be travelling down on that day to the airport. Last time I think we had about 12 on the trip, and when I rang exodus a couple of weeks ago there were 7 booked for this one.
I have been looking at reviews of sleeper trains and most of them seemed pretty good, I'm not sure how suitcases would fit though as it doesn't look like there is much room, so not sure what to do about that. Have you applied for a visa yet? I'm also not sure on how much money to take, I will have to look at the trip notes again!
I will attempt to pack light haha!

Hi Hazel, I've not decided whether to take a suit case or just a large bag. I don't like the idea of lugging a large suit case around considering we will be travelling so much!
Money wise, I think the trip notes recommend about £200 for food etc but obviously more dependant on what activities you do. I would like to check out the markets so may get a few bits!
Still need to sort my visa out, I believe it takes about a week to go through so not been too worried yet!
I've been looking at the places in a bit more detail, it is going to be so good I can't wait!

Hi James, can't believe we are only just over a month away! It's going so quick had a look at the trip notes that were sent through a few days ago, and have been looking at a few of the places we are staying at.
I think I'll take my suitcase it's not too heavy and on wheels so not too much of a problem to drag about.
(Have you sent a copy of your passport to exodus? I missed that bit the first time I read through the notes!)
so excited!

Hi Hazel, yes I sent the passport copy early doors. Just sorting my visa out at the minute then i'm all good to go!
Yeah, the trip notes sound amazing, going to do a bit of research over the next few weeks so I have an idea what to expect at the different places.
Are you travelling down from up North? Would be good to try and meet up with as much as group as possible before we board the flight then we know who each other is!haha

Hi, yes im waiting for my visa to come back at the momoment. I'm coming from Lincolnshire, how about you? Meeting up is a good idea, if we check in we may get seats together?
I asked about ages and group sizes and I think there are 10 of us and 4 solo travelers the age ranges are quite mixed too so should be a good trip :)

Hi, I'm travelling down from Manchester. I asked about the group yesterday and there are 13 people in total with quite a mixed group. Good that there are a few travelling solo too which is cool.
Yeah meeting up would be good, we should keep in contact on here then we can arrange beforehand. At least we can meet rather than being oblivious on the plane!
Not long to go!! :)

Hi, I received my visa this week, so I feel like it is really happening now, just need to decide on what type of luggage to take and money, then I think im all set. We should arrange a meeting point at heathrow. Are you on the exodus Facebook page?

Hey yes I have got my visa today. Glad that is sorted! I'm the same just luggage and money to sort. I've just liked the page now. Might be an idea to add on Facebook then we can arrange a meeting point at the airport. I'm James Allanson

Hi I have just posted a review on the fb page so you might be able to find me through that, I'm Hazel Norton. Only 3 weeks to go it's getting so close!

Hi guys, not meaning to interrupt but I did this trip last September and it was brilliant. The sleeper train is a great experience although we all slept well the night after! As far as storing luggage on the train there is room under the bottom two bunks for suitcases/large bags, and a storage area accessed from the top two bunks. Our group was mixed so we were in pairs with other travellers which was a great way to get talking to locals. Was definitely a highlight for me and something to do before the sleeper trains are all replaced by bullet trains. Have a fabulous time and do everything you can while there, you won't regret it.

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