Essential Peru - leaving 19th September


Anyone else on this trip? Just thought I would say hello and look forward to meeting you on 19th. Getting excited now!

Yes, me, I am going. Travelling from Spain. Do you have any questions because I have several quieries. Nice to meet you.
Kind Regards
Pam Horton

Hi Pam
Nice to meet you too. No I don't have any specific questions, was just hoping to contact other travellers so we weren't so anonymous when we met It would be good to exchange information too. I am travelling from London via Schipol [I think].

Hi Rosemary and Pam,

It's great to hear from others who are on this trip. I will be travelling from Manchester as a single traveller, although I do have two friends also on this trip whom I met on previous trips. They are also travelling from the UK, but not from Manchester.
My only concern was for the inoculations for the Rainforest but that is all sorted now after a visit to my GP. Have either of you booked the extension?
Have you been with Exodus before? This is my 4th holiday with them and I have another booked for January.
I walked the Inca Trail with Exodus many, many years ago. This time I want to see a lot more of the Peru, although I'm sure Machu Picchu will still be the highlight.
Well that's enough of me rabbiting on. I'll keep looking in the Departure Lounge for any further comments.
Best wishes, Ian.

Hola to all of you.

Yes, I am doing the shorter extension (not the 22 days). This is because I am elderly and specifically did not want the Tree Top Rope walk, nor did I want to be trekking, or camping, hammocks etc. I am happy on boats and short walks. I do know my limitations and I too am a solo traveller. I have never done a 'Solo' holiday before and although I am looking forward to it, I am also apprehensive about it all. Nevertheless I have a bucket list, and might do Route 66 next summer.
I have had the Hepatitus A and Tetanus jabs, then next Friday I get Yellow fever and Typhoid, plus Malaria tablets.
All recommended but not obligatory. I had all the Polio ones as a child and not even recomended to me this time.
Now it is my turn to apologise for rambling on.
Take care. Best wishes

Hola Pam & Ian
Encantado de conocerte, which is practically the extent of my Spanish! I am also a solo traveller and unfortunately I am not on the extension as I couldn't take any more time off work! Luckily only needed tetanus and typhoid boosters! I have been with Exodus before on the 8 days in Jordan trip, really enjoyed it, the organization was excellent and the guide was great. Don't be apprehensive Pam, my experience of the Jordan trip is that people become friends very quickly on a trip like this and everyone looks out for each other. I too have a bucket list and Machu Piccu is No. 1 on that list.
Looking forward to meeting you both on 19th! Only 39 sleeps to go!

Hola Rosemary and Ian,

Thank you both for your replies, and I am glad people get friends very quickly. Yes Peru and the Amazon was also No 1 on my list, because I felt I would be too old to do it next year! I have worked hard at getting fit and losing weight. Have not quite made the target weight but I am feeling OK.
I have never gone solo before, and this is my first trip alone.
So, I look forward to meeting you both on the 19th. Flying in from Madrid, via Alicante, arriving in Lima early in the morning of the 19th.
10 sleeps to go....

Hola Pam and Ian.
Que tal?
I have been working on my fitness too Pam but have undone all that by having a fall and injuring my knee! So hoping I have done enough to keep up with everybody. Was a bit concerned because I have heard that they don't let you use trecking poles at Machu Picchu and if I am not allowed those there is a danger I am going to end up flat on my face! I will be travelling from London via Schipol arriving in Lima on the evening of 19th. Nearly time to get packing! ......

Hi Rosemary and Pam,

Just to say I'm really looking forward to next Saturday. I am flying from Manchester to Amsterdam to catch the same flight as Rosemary. I'll be wearing a black and green Exodus rucksack.......My pal David is also on the Lima flight. He is 6ft 6in tall, so Rosemary, you should have no trouble spotting us in the airport lounge. See you in Lima, Pam.

It will be great to meet you both.

Best wishes, Ian.

Hola Rosemary and Ian

Como estas? Today, I unpacked my suitcase which lives on top of the wardrobe during the summer containing all my winter clothes. Then I got out everything for Peru and the Amazon. The mozzy net takes up a lot of space so I plan to attach it to my Backpack which is doubling as my cabin luggage! What to do with my Wellies, I have yet to decide.

I will be at the El Tambo Hotel, in Lima and hopefully will meet you both then.

Rosemary, that was my first worry, whether I would keep up or not. Hence losing 3 stone, but I now feel better for it. I am swimming 10 lengths of our pool almost everyday, and go to the Gym twice a week. I am sure we can be slow together. In respect of Machu Pichu, we need to just take it steady. I have practiced with Guadalest, climbing into the walled village at the top of the Mountain with family and friends. The first trip it rained and we had a thunder storm. Good practice, but I was pleased with myself.

Ian, what is the difference between a Rucksack and a Backpack? Presumably a Rucksack is a bigger version!

Do either of you know if we will need to be a little dressy for evening meals? Is it OK to take lots of mix and match? Packing is a pain, I always take too much....just in case.

See you on Saturday.

Saludos cordiales, y abrazos.

Hola Pam and Ian
Fantistico! Muchas Gracias! Pam

Can't believe I will be in Peru at the end of this week! It has been 2 years of saving up to get there! I will look out for you and David in Schipol Ian, wearing your black and green rucksack! :o)

Gosh Pam! You have been in training! I think you'll be way ahead of me! I have found out that trekking poles are allowed in Machu Picchu as long as they have an anti-shock system and rubber tips.

From reading the comments of previous trips I don't think we will need to be dressy in the evenings I am putting in one smartish dress just in case but will probably not even wear it. Like you Pam I am always bringing back stuff I haven't worn!

Hasta pronto!


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