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Ethiopia - 18th Oct Dep - Hello!


Looking for fellow travellers on the 18th Oct departure to say hello. Maybe even meet up at Heathrow for those on group flights?

Looking forward to meeting you!


Can`t wait!
Have been meaning to see Ethiopia for a while but have not quite managed it...
Hoping to see the Wolves and a few birds.
Seems like a rather exciting trip!!


So glad to get a response - although I think we are on different trips?!

Looks like the Wildlife trip and Ethiopia in Depth are both leaving on the same date. I am going on the Ethiopia in Depth trip, although would be nice to see some wolves!

Have you already got your visa, or are you planning to get one on arrival?

Whoops! You are right! Same Country different trip. I suspect you will be looking at the stone Churches and monasteries.. I suspect you will see a few birds along the way as this is one of the best birding destinations in the world.
I did invest in a visa before going (with Travcour), as I hate queing in airports and having to fill in forms after a long flight but I am told they can be picked up at the airport thus saving the money.
Have a great trip!!!

Yes I think you are right, lots of churches and maybe some birds along the way!

I think I will be investing in a visa beforehand as well, less airport stress!

If we don't; bump into each other on the way out, have a great trip.

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