Hi, I've booked the Simien Mountain trek from 15-27 February 2016, and am planning to do a bit more travelling around for 2 or 3 weeks after the trek given the wealth of things to try to see in Ethiopia.
The thing I most want to do, however, is visit the tribal villages of the Lower Omo Valley. I'm open to different ways of doing this, but you have to employ a local guide to enter the area in any case, and due to both happy and less happy experiences I have viewed online, I had so far thought that I might as well take an organised 5 or 8 day trip with one of the best-reviewed local tour operators: ETT. The trips they run to the Lower Omo Valley can be found on their website. 5 day: or 8 day: (the latter takes in a bit more and would be my preference, though is partly longer because it uses road travel - the 5 day trip uses internal flights). I've found nothing but good reviews of ETT tours, but they run with a minimum of 4 people, so I wondered if anyone else would be interested in linking up with me to make up a group of 4 after the trek on 27th and continuing on to the Lower Omo Valley with ETT (or indeed by other means if you have a better suggestion?). If anyone feels more adventurous I'd also be up for possibly hiring a vehicle and checking out some other highlights either before the trek or after the Omo Valley. Gandar looks interesting. Tigray? Aksum? Anyway, the main thing for me initially is the Omo Valley - so please get in touch if this would interest you too. If you're doing the Simien trek 15-27 Feb, I look forward to meeting you in any case then! Best wishes, Sarah

I meant Harar looks interesting, sorry..

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