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Is anyone on the trip to Ethiopia on 9th Jan.  If so, are you getting your visa before travel or at the airport.  The latter would be easier because it is valid from the date of issue and if you do it on line then you would probably need to get a three month one to allow time for processing etc. as a month might not be enough.  Also my last booking to Ethiopia was cancelled because of fighting over there so a visa before had would have been a waste.  Just wanted to check out for this trip if anyone else was thinking about leaving it until arrival.  Thanks  Di

Yes, I'm on the trip! I have already obtained my visa on-line. It was quite easy and approval came through in less than ten minutes. 

Hi - I'm booked on this trip and I was advised to get mine on arrival so that is the plan. Really looking forwards to the trip. Are you both on the Group Flight?

Yes, I'm on the group flight from Heathrow! What jabs did you go for? I decided not to have the meningitis. 

I think I;m up to date with most and did have the meningitis - hopefully see you at Heathrow or if not in the queue for immigration at the other end.


Up to date with vaccines but did not have meningitis but am now double checking with the travel nurse.  See you at Heathrow or on arrival.  Really looking forward to this as my last attempt at travelling to Ethiopia was cancelled!!


My travel nurse felt the meningitis wasn't necessary, but now I'm beginning to wonder!

Yep - went tto travel nurse a while back about this trip and she didn't then suggest it.  I suspect as we are not going to be in contact with large crowds over a long period - although there will be plenty at the Festival - we should be fine - but thought it worth double checking. Might be too late now to do anything anyway.


When I was at Tescos today, I noted that their pharmacy offers the vaccine at £35.00 (I think the usual amount is £60.00) for people going on the Hajj. So I sent an email to Tescos customer services asking if the same offer was made to Christians going to a Christian festival. And they've said yes! So I plan to have the vaccine now. It takes two weeks to take effect, so there's still time. 

Not sure I'll be able to sort in time. Local Tesco Superstore does have pharmacy but doesn't seem to offer anythingbut flu jabs.  Have left a message for my GP travel nurse and emailed my local Citydoc but am pretty busy over the next few days , so .....

Hopefully will be OK

I wouldn't worry if I were you. My travel nurse also thought it unnecessary. I'm just overly cautious plus Tescos has now offered me the reduced rate. I've booked the vaccination for 27 December. The pharmacist automatically assumed I was going on a Muslim pilgrimage!

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