Everest And Gokyo Spending money


I‘m going on the Oct 9th departure for this trip and was wondering if anyone had any advice on how much money to exchange? I’ve calculated what I think I’ll need from the trip notes I saw when I booked and have come up with a figure of £700, but the latest trip notes now say £500. I don’t want to be caught short as there won’t be any cash machines. Any advice would be gratefully received :-) Also hello to anyone coming along on the same departure :-)

Not going on this trip but have done this trek with a different company in spring 2017.  Factors you need to consider are 

- the numbers on your trek, fewer numbers equates to larger tips from each individual

- prices go up especially for beer and fizzy soft drinks the further you are from Namche.

- food if you stick to the basic dahl baht is inexpensive but it does become boring.

Anyway good luck.  It is a fantastic trek but don't forget ear plus for the nights and yak traks or similar for the Cho-La.

Just wanted to say hello....on the same trip but I’m flying from Edinburgh. Have   budgeted for £600 just in case. 

Thank you Tony :-) Yaktraks already purchased and I’m looking forward to making my way through the menus - I’ve heard they do a good apple pie!

Hi Laura :-) 

  It’s nice to hear from someone else on the same trip. Just over five weeks to go now! Yeah £600 sounds about right. Will you be flying to London to join the group flight? 

Great to say hello before the trip....I’ll be joining you in Kathmandu. Easier to fly to Doha from Edinburgh then on to Kathmandu. Happy packing!

Hi Laura and Vix

I'm flying from Heathrow. Thiswill be my third visit to Nepal, but the first time with a travel company and the first to the Everest region. Vix what are Yaktrax?

I'm taking £600 as well - but I think I will take it in US dollars - it was easier to exchange last time I was there and some places in Kathmandu accepted dollars. Whatever you take, make sure they are not old notes.  I'm Elizabeth by the way!

Hi Elizabeth :-) Yaktrax are one of the brand names for crampons ( the spiky things you fit to the bottom of your shoes to walk on icy areas ). They’re just for the Cho La pass and we may not even need them there. You may be able to get some cheaply in Namchee Bazaar when we get there.

   I’ve got my cash in pounds as I read on Trip Advisor that it would be possible - they’re not brand new notes but I made sure they weren’t written on or torn. If you think it really would be better for me to take dollars let me know and I’ll change it. Really looking forward to meeting everyone! 


I'm sure pounds will be fine and there is nothing between the dollar to rupee and pound to rupee exchange rate at the moment anyway. I last went to Nepal in 2013 (before the earthquake) so I expect a lot has changed.  Thanks for info on Yakstrax.

Lovely to have the chance to say hello before the trip. See you in Kathmandu :)

Any one doing the visa application onlin, it is very pernicerty! But you need the following info for the Hotel address: House no 22,  Lal Durbar Ward 01, Kamaladi, Bagmati, Kathmandu. I contacted the hotel for the full address and then had several attempts before it accepted my submission. Hope this is of help!



Thanks Elizabeth ...I chose the postal option a while ago.....good to know tho for future trips :) 

Thanks for the address :-) I tried online but am having problems uploading photo and printing form. May have to sneakily use the computers at work or just sort it out on arrival.

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