Everest Base Camp 21st November


I've just booked a place on the 21st November departure of the Everest base camp trek.

Are you going too?

Catch you later


Hi Garry, I'm going. Just seen the travel nurse at my surgery last week, recommends rabies and hep c vaccinations - expensive!

I'm in West Sussex and flying out of Heathrow.


Hello Christine!

I'm up to date with my unhygenic environment and out in the wilds vaccinations but have decided to skip rabies on the grounds of low risk... famous last words. I'll be the one sprinting down the valley on first sight of a mad dog.

I'll be on the group flight on Jet Airways from Heathrow but still need to arrange my travel to/from Manchester.

Do you know how many people are in our group? I'll be paying my final balance in a couple days and will ask then. It's allways interesting to know.

I climbed Kilimanjaro back in July as part of a group of seven, that was a good group size.

wow, you'll be well prepped then - you taking Diamox? This will be my first trip on my own - couldn't get anyone to come with me! I did Mt Kinabalu, Borneo a couple of years ago with Explore, group of 16 was too large but that was two trips joined together. When I booked this I was the only solo traveller, were a couple of couples I think.

haha oooh I don't know if I'll be well prepped. In preparation for Kilimanjaro I was out training with a weighted back pack every available day for months. I'm a long way from maintaining that same effort despite booking this only three weeks after returning from Kilimanjaro. I'll get my arse in gear very soon and turn it up a notch.

Yes, I will be taking Diamox with me. I have plenty left and won't hesitiate to pop one if the need arises. On the Kilimanjaro climb I only took two and a half tablets over the entire duration of the trek, two of them on the same day. Will you have some? I think it's good to have some available, taking it is of course optional.

I've done a reasonable amount of solo travel over the last few years. Since I'll be joining a group I don't even think of this as being truly solo. I find solo travel very liberating and not particularly daunting in anyway. You meet a lot of good, decent, like minded people along the way. So, yes, I'll be joining the group by myself too.

Incidentally when paying my final balance last week I asked about the group. At that time there were 7 confirmed, 4 women and 3 men. That to me is a good group size.

From what I read we are likely to get some crystal clear weather conditions in November going into December albeit a tad on the cold side. I'm quite happy with that.

Have you got your visa or are you going ot get one upon arrival?

Yes, I'll be taking Diamox just in case, I've read you can get it out there but not sure how reliable the source.

I just did a half marathon on the weekend, hoping the training would help my fitness although it did revive some old knee niggles (not to mention lifting a couple of toenails!) so I'll be swapping the runners for my walking boots now and getting out at the weekend.

Were you carrying all your kit on Kili? I gather we'll just be left with our day sacs. Yes, we will have the clearest skies although I'm a bit worried about the cold now, hope the weight allocation allows for some serious thermals!

I keep meaning to get a photo and sort my visa before I go but no doubt I'll end up getting it there.

Was kili your first mountain then? I had to wait a couple of years for my next one but I don't blame you for booking straight up again. Although a friend has pointed out that I am actually just trekking to the bottom of a mountain and to be fair I can't argue with that!

Hi Caroline,

It's good to have Diamox in your bag just in case. I got mine through a (British) internet pharmacy where you complete an online consultation so I certainly took the gamble with medication of uncertain origin there.

Well done on your half marathon, despite the toe nails going west. I'm not a trained runner so I'll happily leave that element of fitness training to you! Cycling and the local hill for me.

Our main kit bag was portered on Kilimanjaro too. We the customer climbers just had to carry our own day pack with anything we wanted at hand before reaching the next camp. There was a 15kg weight limit on the main kit bag on Kilimanjaro, I see that it effectively becomes 10kg on this trip due to the luggage allowance on the Lukla flight. Looks like I'm going to have to cut back on munchies but that should be plenty for lots of thermals... I hope.

I'm personally not overly concered about the cold but we all feel it differently. On the summit ascent of Kilimanjaro I'd taken my gloves off after 20mins and stripped off a pair of thermal leggings, top and my down body warmer at the first rest stop, I was burning up!

My first high altitude mountain was Mount Teide in Tenerife. My enthusiasm overtook knowledge and respect for alitude on that climb, I drove from the hotel at sea level to 2300m in an hour, then climbed from 2300m to the summit at 3718m in five hours. Perhaps not surprisingly I was on the edge of throwing my guts up I was that nauseous with altitude sickness. A lesson learned!.

Hey lets put a positive spin on this, we do climb Kala Patthar which is something like 5600m high and that in itself isn't far off two thirds of the height of Everest :o)

I need some more passport pictures for the trekking permit but it will have to wait until the red spot on my nose has gone. The processing time for my postal visa application was very quick at just over a week, if you do decide to arrange it before we arrive.

Some grim news here about a relatively local woman who died a few days ago while on an Everest base camp trek.


It doesn't say what caused her death but it's only natural to speculate that it could have been altitude or climate related.


Oh yes, I did see that, very sobering. A local report I saw suggested she might have had an underlying undiagnosed weakness in her heart although said the AMS would have been a contributory factor. I have to say, a bit of panic set in at the weekend, possibly a subconscious response - have I got the right / enough gear, am I fit enough, will I cope, how much money should I take etc?! Doesn't help that I am ridiculously busy at work so EBC prep gets pushed to the weekend and the weeks are ticking by. Oh, and my toe nails are hanging by a thread so I have had to plaster tape them on while the nail underneath gets stronger, lol! I will have a go at packing at the weekend and see how much / little that 15k gives me!.

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