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Everest Base Camp, departing 30 March

Hi everyone

I'll be traveling solo on the above trip and would like to hear from anyone who is also going. Really looking forward to it. 



looking forward to meeting you on the trek

brian & maggie

Hi All,

I am also on March 30th trek to Everest Base Camp! Not long now at all until we leave. I did a practice pack at the weekend and struggling to keep it all to the 10kg Lukla weight limit! Also just wondered if any of you have thought about approximately how much money we might need for the trek?


Hi Sophie. 

I think I read yesterday in one of the Exodus documents that tea houses now take plastic, but I'm still going to take cash. Having added up the sums in the trip notes, I reckon about £400 should do it (I may have built in a little 'comfort factor' there though but it should cover all out of pocket expenses and recommended tips). As I understand it, local currency can only be obtained in Nepal, so my plan is to change it at the airport on arrival. I was thinking of taking some US$, but not too sure. 

Visa wise, I think I'm probably just going to join the queue at the airport.  What are your plans?



Hi Andy,

Yes my plan is to sort the visa at the airport. How's your packing going? I have been struggling (alot) with getting it in the 10kg weight limit, I think it's the ridiculous amount of snacks I have packed! I had seen somethnig about US dollars but i'm assuming we can pay for the Visa by card?

I think most last bits i'm going to try and wing it while i'm over there for now. 


Is it me, or is it impossible to reply directly to posts?!

Anyway, I've given zero thought to packing. I didn't even realise there was a 10Kg limit for the flight to Lukla, so thanks for the heads up. Whats the limit for the flight from Heathrow, do you know? I probably have the info but must have missed it. Anyhow, if it looks like I'll be overweight for either flight I'll just wear extra and take it off at the other end. I printed out the latest trip notes so will check those over the next couple of days. And I also need to buy snax! 


Hi, also travelling solo, however a fellow trekker from Tour Du Mont Blanc a couple of years ago is also joining this trip so it'll be great to catch up with her!  I'm getting my Visa at the airport too.  Practice pack takes me up to about 14 kg, but intend to leave the excess in Kathmandu - clean clothes for sightseeing and return journey etc.  Really looking forward to this trip, see you soon, Jo 

Just found this conversation so signed on to say hello. I'm on the trip as a solo traveller and looking forward to meeting you all. I'm flying from Heathrow on 30th at 17:05.


Hi Les,

this is the same flight as I will be on. I booked the flights with Exodus for the extra security. Just about to watch Everest as it’s on tv this evening! I did a re-pack today and think my packing skills need to drastically improve over the next 5 days!

looking forward to meeting everyone soon!


You, Sophie and I will all be on the same flight. My plan is to be at Heathrow for about 2pm. I'll have a green daysack with an exodus luggage label, so if you see me do come and introduce yourself, otherwise we'll no doubt meet on the flight. 

Best wishes


Hi Andy, I'll look out for you at Heathrow. All the best Les

3 hours in Heathrow  Costa starting...... ..  now

Ali arrived and checked in . Now for a cheeky Carluccio's. See you all soon. 

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