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Hoping to get to know other people who have booked onto the EBC trek departing in November. Be good to share any top tips, hopes and fears! This will be my first trek in the Himalayas, so it would be great to learn from more experienced travellers. There are plenty of packing lists available online, but if anybody is happy to share advice from previous experiences, that would be great.

Getting to know other members of the travel group would be a good start!

Hey Shaun, everyone else.

I will be departing on the "High Passes to Everest Base Camp" on Nov 12. Same as above, I'm looking for any packing tip.

Shaun, is this your tour?

Hi Shaun,

I'm on the trek departing London on the 11th November (i.e. Day 1 in Nepal is the 12th). You?

Does anyone have any rucksack recommendations? I believe we only need a day one for the trek, so what size? However, I'm also doing a couple of months travelling afterwards, so will need a larger one too.

Clement, I think your trip is different.


Hi All,
Im on the EBC trip 12th to 27th. I'll be making my own way over to Kathmandu with Qatar from LHR on the 11th.
Ive been having a look at the tips from others on the Hike in October. It seems the best advise is to get the visa before arrival, change money at the hotel and be creative about the baggage allowance for the Luckla flight. (try to wear heavier pieces of cold weather gear)


Hi guys,

I am doing the Gokyo Lakes Circuit EBC - Local start date is 10th November (I think actually setting off on the 11th). Is anyone else going on this?

A few tips I have picked up:

"Some random packing advice: + Definitely bring a nalgene or other water bottle that can handle boiling water. All I had was my backpack bladder, because that's what I usually use. But you'll get boiled water from the lodges, so what you want to do is get it after dinner in your nalgene (which you can then also throw in your sleeping bag if it's really cold), and then in the morning when it is cooler, pour it into your bladder. The friend I was travelling with had a nalgene so we managed. + Crocs are really great for wearing once to get to camp/lodge. You can let your feet air out/rest while still wearing socks. They also offer a bit more protection from mud/grossness if you have to go outside or into a bathroom. And they dry quickly if they get wet. My friend just had hiking books and flip flops and crocs were definitely better -- she ended up putting her boots back on every trip to the bathroom. + Lots of Layers! We got caught in a short but fierce hailstorm on our very first day, I was very glad to have goretex pants AND Jacket. When you are at lower elevations, it's can be warm and you might be in regular hiking pants and a simple fleece. I took ski pants but only wore them the nights at Basecamp, if you are not sleeping there you are probably ok without them, but pack thermal layers. + I was definitely glad to have the hiking poles, once I got used to them + Take a neck buff or bandana for the dust -- I only wore it a handful of days, but the days you need it you'll be really happy you have it."

Hopefully see you there!


I am also join the EBC trek on November 12 and making my own way to Kathmandu.
I have spoken to some friends who have been on this route for advice a few things they recommend apart from what has already been posted here is
• Sun block
• Visa application can be started on-line http://online.nepalimmigration.gov.np/tourist-visa and completed on arrival at airport
• Spare camera battery
• Hand sanitiser
• Protein snacks
• Sun glasses
• Sleeping bag liner maybe needed for higher stays
I am sure there are lots of other things to bring also, really looking forward to doing the trek.

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