Everest Base Camp Trek - Departure 21 Dec

Hi All,

Anyone heading to the Everest Base Camp trek on 21 December 2015?
Be great to get in touch with fellow travellers!


I am going too. Very excited! Preparing for some cold weeks!

Sorry, haven't really worked out this yet. Obviously not very handy to post something anonymous when this is about getting to know each other. Sorry, 2nd post came from me, Juliane. Looking forward to see the Everest!!

Hi Juliane,

Good to hear from you. :) It isn't exactly the most user-friendly way to post on! I think we are going to be a smallish group of 7-8. Are you planning to fly from the UK or joining in at Kathmandu? I'm flying out of London.

Can't wait!
Ro (short for Rohit)

Hi Rob,
Yep, Flying from London. Have you been in Nepal before? I am not but it was on my list for ages. Very excited.


HI Juliane,

Good stuff! I have been to Nepal (Kathmandu and Pokhara) but a while ago ...say more than 10 years ago. It was beautiful but nothing like the trek we should be on - both in effort and hopefully in reward. I've been trying to train in the middle of a fairly hectic work schedule :)
This is a fairly slow-ish forum to communicate, so may be best for us to communicate on email if you're ok. Mine is [email protected] if you'd like to drop me a note. Once we get other people on here, we could just add them to our conversation?


Morning Ro and Juliane

My name is Anna and I am very very excited about the trip. I have never been to Nepal and llike Juliane it has been on my list for ages. I had a spontaneous moment and thought what better way to spend Christmas and New Year!!!!

Now, I am very concerned about somthing I read somewhere about it being -20 C and night!!! Do you guys have special sleeping bags?

I am excited to meet you all- I'm sure we will have the best time :-)


Hi Anna - good to hear from you. Have had a quite a week at work and was off the forum. I can't wait to get away :)

I have only just started gathering my gear so haven't sorted out my sleeping bags. Got the shoes and breaking them in :))

Are you also heading out from London or joining us in Kathmandu?


Oh no, well I am pleased to tell you that it is only 26 days away (and yes I did just take time out of seeing patients to work that out) :-)

I am no sleeping bag expert but the Exodus man said he need it for -15!!! They are quite hard to come by so if you find any deals let me know!! I need to start getting sorted all I have so far is my boots and a Christmas hat :-/

Flying from Heathrow I think- are you?

Hope you are having a better week at work.


Hey Anna,

:) A christmas hat and boots are a good place to start!!

Thanks - things are a getting better at work and getting back on the training again. Re. sleeping bags I'm talking to some friends who do this regularly and they are going to suggest a few options a) to buy b) to get in touch with people they trust at Kathmandu to source this from. I'll let you know in the next couple of days if you haven't already sorted this out.

I'm also flying from Heathrow so that's great. Are you planning to do any weekend treks to prepare? Thinking of heading to the peak district next weekend - just heading there Sat morning back Sun evening to London.

Assuming we will hear soon from a few more of our fellow travellers. It would be good to catch up for a coffee in London if possible before we head out and compare notes and say hello!

Also my email address is [email protected], which is slightly easier to keep in touch with than here.


Hi all,

My name is Rich, I am on the EBC trek. I have also booked the Chitwan extension if anyone is doing that too? I am really looking forward to the trip, I have never been to Nepal before and I can't wait to get going! I was the first to book way back in January and I can't believe it is almost here!

I am based in London so I will be flying from Heathrow on the Exodus flight.

For the sleeping bags I have hired one through Exodus, this was much cheaper (£30) than buying one, it was also recommended by a previous traveller as you have extra room in your luggage for goodies!

Evening team

Welcome along Rich :-) Wow you are a keen bean booking in January! That is a lot of time to get excited about the trip. Great tip about hiring a sleeping bag- do you know if we can do this through Exodus? Ro did you get any further with your enquiries?

I am chocka between now and the trip so goodness knows what my training will be like. Ro your peak district trip sounds lovely. Have either of you done any previous trekking?

You will be pleased do know that my kit list has now extended to include Christmas food related items expecially now I will have even room for goodies. Boots, Christmas hat and Christmas food- there packing sorted :-)

Looking forward to meeting you all.


p,s feel free to add me on facebook ( Anna Badley- I am drinking coffee in my photo) I am much quicker at replying on there. Have a happy evening x

Hi again, was not on here for a while due to some work related travel. Hope everyone is sorted with the sleeping bag by now? Would love to add some Christmas related snacks but with only 10kg in the smaller plane there is not much space to add something I am afraid.

Anna, I could not find you on facebook. Try to add me instead if you want: Juls Klemp. I think there is only one;-)
Does anybody knows how many people we will be? And should we meet somewhere at Heathrow upfront?

Looking forward to meet you all soon!

I guess nobody will be checking this forum now that the trip is SO close. I just got the booking confirmation last Saturday, did the packing overnight, took a flight to Kathmandu Sunday morning and here I am (it's Monday). Need to work here until next Tuesday and will join the group in the evening. It's warmer than I thought but here is only 1300m ;) See you all soon!

Wow - that was a pretty fast turnaround - from Saturday to Monday!! Looking forward to catching up in Nepal. I thought I'd come back to the forum for a lark, as I wasn't expecting any more messages :)

Hi Juls - welcome back. I've added you on FB as well. Yes sleeping bags sorted but last few bits and bobs to still take care of - crawling towards the end of the week at work and can't wait to finish up and head out. I think we were meant to be a group of 7 when I spoke a while ago with the customer rep, and there are 5 of us on here already. Could message closer to the date about meeting up slightly earlier at Heathrow?


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