Everest BaseCamp Trek 14th Dec 2016

Hey! If you're coming along on this trip pop a note below...can't wait!

Hi, I' just booked Everest base camp trip (14th-30th Dec 2016)! Anyone else?

Hey everyone - I'm on this trip. Can't wait, getting kit lists prepared as I write this. If enough people join this discussion let's setup a Facebook group so we can get to know one another before we depart.


Hey team EBC! I'd love to connect on fbook.

Hi Guys, I'll be there!
Would this being easier on Facebook? If so feel free to add me: Hannah Layla Fryer.
Looking forward to meeting you all

Come join Hannah and I in a group called Exodus Everest Base Campers - Dec 14. If you can't find it, message me! (Lianne Henri)

Hey all, my other half Simon and I are coming to this, we can't wait! Lianne I tried to find the group on facebook but failed, I hope I sent the correct person a message! I'm Debbie Risius if you'd like to add me :-) Deb

Hey all, I can't find the Facebook group you've created to save my life. Could somebody please post a link?

Hi all, just requested to join the group on fb! Super excited for this!

Hey All - not exactly sure if I'm to be joining this group. Are you expecting to be in Nepal Dec 15th for the debriefing? I'm flying in from Abu Dhabi, so won't be with the group initially... Please let me know and if I am could you please accept my request to join the FB group? :)

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