Everest High Passes - 16th October

Hi There,

Anyone joining me on this trip. I'm travelling alone so it would be great to speak with anyone prior to departure. THAT'S if the foreign office change their status :(

Yep. My friend and I are going if the FCO updates their advice in time. There are currently 9 on the trek in total, down from 16 before the quake.


A couple of weeks ago, I was told to take my vacation time or lose it, so I panicked and booked the High Passes trip :)

I'm going to be coming in from Canada, so we may not meet until Kathmandu. This also means I don't get a sexy Exodus bag...


Well, I have my bag pretty much packed. All we need now is for the trekking routes in Nepal to be opened. If the FCO doesn't change its advice in time then I'm not going to be happy!

Good Morning and good to here from you DJ and G-Man , my real name is Libby and I'm travelling from Scotland, I see your from Canada G-Man wow. Thanks for the info DJ, so there's 9 of us that's not a bad number I suppose, where are you travelling from?

Is it just me that checks the FCO status everyday?
I'm no where near packed, how your training going?


Personally, I'm expecting the trip to be cancelled next week. I've reserved an alternative to Rajasthan just in case for the same period. I'm almost as keen to go on that. The annoying thing is that those flights are drifting up in cost as time passes but I'm loathe to transfer myself this close only to find the original goes ahead. I've registered for immediate email updates from the FCO so I'll know within an hour or so if they change their advice. I'm quite worried about my capability for Everest so maybe it'll be for the best anyway!

Hi DJ,

I'm staying positive and have also signed up for alerts from the FCO. I will be devastated if it's cancelled and don't want to go elsewhere so fingers crossed it all goes to plan.
Hopefully you don't need to change destination, lets wait and see.

C'mon FCO sort this :(

G man I have my sexy bag, I just need the go ahead to fill it.

Everest awaits us!!

I'm afraid I couldn't wait any longer for the FCO to change its advice so my mate and I have swapped to a trek in Northern India and a visit to Kashmir instead. I'm hoping Nepal will be open for treks later in the year so that I can book the Gokyo Lakes trek for next spring. Last time I checked, there were 5 people remaining for the High Passes trek (the minimum is 4) and the 4 week deadline passed yesterday.

Hi Libby and G-Man!
I just booked this trip. It looks amazing! I so hope it goes ahead. Australia has downgraded their travel warning, so I'm good to go, but unfortunately exodus needs the UK FCO to get on board.
Are you both still in?
Cheers, Ness

Yes Ness,

I'm still in :) and hopeful. HOPEFULLY see you there. Are you coming from Australia then? Will you meet us in Dehli? I'm coming from Scotland.

Hope to meet you soon.

Hi Libby,
I'm so glad you're still in! hopefully I will meet you in Kathmandu on the 17th.
I will arrive in Kathmandu a few days beforehand.

Hi Ness,
Yeah im still in with baited breath but hanging on until the death PRAYING wahhhhh
Soo frustrating i should be getting excited but can't just incase. HOPEFULLY see u there. Is it just us,?

Hi Libby,
The FCO must have heard you. They have change their warning, so I think that means we get to go.
They tell me there are 4 of us who are hanging on until the end.
See you soon!

Well done for hanging on! Have a fantastic trip. Good news too for later treks and the Nepali tourist industry ... I'm going to book for March now.

Thanks DJ!
Have a great time in northern India and Kashmir.
I hope nothing gets in the way of your March trip.

How good does this feel? Yes I think FCO were sick of my emails and thought jesus let this lassie go or we'll never hear the end of it lol.
Look forward to meeting you Ness and good luck DJ. Wonder if anyone else is flying from London, it's a long way to talk to yourself, I'll send exodus a wee email. See you in Kathmandu Ness :)

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