Everest high passes trip

Hi there, my name is Mark I'm on the Everest high passes trip departing Oct 18th. I'm keen to get to know anyone else on the trip. Would also like any advise with regards to equipment choices and packing. Think i've got everything but there's always something you forget.

Hi Mark, nice to 'meet' you. My name is Eda. I'm also on this trip. I'm on the group flight from Heathrow on Friday night, 17th Oct. I'm more or less sorted I think. On my last trip to Nepal, most people in our group didn't have a warm enough sleeping bag, making for miserable nights; my friend and I were nice and snug in our down bags. I always pack baby wipes. Plus ear plugs and cough lozenges. Any top tips from you?

Hi, I'm Wade and I'm on this trip too. Since I'm from Vancouver, Canada I'll be flying in via Bangkok and arrive on the 18th a few hours before the flight from Heathrow I think. My first trip to Nepal. My travel clinic physician advised bringing skin moisturizer and saline mist nose spray to deal with possible effects of the dry air in the high altitude and a buff to pull over my mouth and nose to protect from the dust on the trails. One of my hiking friends said that he had a nasty case of diarrhea probably brought on by not treating the water properly while there, so I'll be bringing my aquamira drops. My travel clinic also provided me with Dukoral to take prior to the trip to help prevent a case of traveller's diarrhea and a prescription for Azithromyclin if a bad case does develop and imodium isn't working. Thanks Eda for the advice on the sleeping bag. I've been undecided for the longest time on whether to bring my -3C or -17C bag: been hesitant on the cold weather bag since I sleep hot and don't want to overheat, but it seems that the -17C bag is probably the best bet.

Nice to meet you guy's. Not long to go now. I'm a keen outdoors man, but this is the sort of trip is well outside my comfort zone. I've got a great sleeping bag so hope to be snug as a bug. Had a great idea to take water soluble SIS hydration tablets. 0 Carb but high in electrolytes and will take away the taste of the water treatment tablets. Am off to the lakes at the weekend, bit of last minute training. Think I've got all my kit sorted, but i'm well know for forgetting something. Baby wipes good shout didn't think of that.

Cool, so there are at least 3 of us :-) This will be my 2nd trip to Nepal, I did Annapurna Sanctuary (base camp) a couple of years ago. I've never been on a 3-week trek before, this will be quite a challenge. I can't wait though!
Electrolyte tablets are a good call, thank you.
Are you flying from Heathrow via Delhi, leaving Friday evening, Mark? If so, hopefully see you at the airport. And Wade, have a safe flight from Canada, see you at the Royal Singhi.

good evening/morning. i will be travelling from Australia with 3 others. This is my first trip to Nepal. not sure what the daytime temperatures will be but we have plenty of warm clothing & sleeping gear for the nights.

Hi all,
My name it Laura and I will be joining you on the trip from Heathrow. Thanks for the handy hints! I am just sorting some last minute things out now! Looking forward to meeting you all in a weeks time!

Hi Eda, yea i'll see you at the airport. Silly question how will I recognize you? Hi Stephen that's at least seven of us. Low temperatures not really a problem for us Brits! Really up for this now! little concern about the flights "I'm not a great flyer". I Keep looking at all my gear thinking I've got too much stuff.

Hi All, I asked Exodus for further details about the group. We will be 13 in total - 9 men, 4 women, ranging from their 20s to 60s. :-)
Mark - I have flown with Jet Air to Kathmandu (via Delhi) once before and the flight was comfortable enough. I watched a load of films!
For anyone flying from Heathrow, I'm happy to arrange to meet up either before or after security if you want. I'm planning to be there in good time to avoid the evening rush hour and for any last minute panic buys!
I'm struggling with the 10kg weight limit for the internal flight to Lukla and the trek. I had a weigh-in yesterday: 12kg... So I'll be going over everything some more this week.
See you all soon!

Be glad to leave this rain behind. I'm close to weight limit too, keep putting things in then taking them out again. I Hope to spit the difference into my carry on bag i'm told that they don't way this!
I plan to be at the air port in good time also recently traveled to France, got stuck in load of traffic and took nearly an hr to clear security.
Eda, I'll have a grey EVOC back pack, look out for me after security. Laura Welcome. Another top tip picked up some foot powder from Boots at the weekend "we use to use similar stuff in the forces," keeps things alot more fresh and comfortable for longer!

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