Everest, Mountains and Monasteries Nov 15th

I know we are still 3 months away from this trip but I just wondered if there was anyone else out there also looking forward to going on this trip?


Hi Marjory,

Yes - I am on that trip and so looking forward to going. Just starting to look at the paperwork and Kit List.



Hi Sharon,

Good to hear from you. At least we now know who two on the merry band are. What worries me about Kit list and packing is that we can only take 10 kg on the Lukla flight and 5kg max in our day bag. It might be a challenge!

Hopefully somemore people will join our discussion.


Hi Marjory

Its going to be very selective packing indeed. A few tries before then I think. 5kg hand baggage, best weigh my backpack and water bottles see whats left to select. I know another traveller is Andrea, she put me onto the holiday. So we have 3 now. 


A band of 3!!!

Have you done anything about vacinations yet?


Hi Marjory, Sharon and Andrea. Good to see you in the departure lounge - only 8+ weeks to go. It should be a great trip - really looking forward to it, and to meeting everyone. Agree with you all that the weight limits are very tight - particulalry with all the three/four season gear that we'll need. Must remember to pack plenty of deodorant! Answering Marjory's question - yes, all vaccinations done. I was pretty up to date anyway, so only needed typhoid. Now need to get fit! Pete.

Hi Pete,

Good to see you in this lounge. When I spoke to Exodus last week they told me that 14 trekkers were confirmed and 2 were holding options. So there will be at least 14 in the band ... we should be able to make a lot of noise.

Yes the weight limits are tight, already I am weighing some things to check them out. I need to to somemore research on expected temperatures.

Like you I am trying to get fitter, however I don't want to peak to soon. Ha!

Hopefully somemore trekkers will join the lounge soon.


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