Everest, Mountains and Monasteries Nov 15th

I know we are still 3 months away from this trip but I just wondered if there was anyone else out there also looking forward to going on this trip?


Hi Marjory,

Yes - I am on that trip and so looking forward to going. Just starting to look at the paperwork and Kit List.



Hi Sharon,

Good to hear from you. At least we now know who two on the merry band are. What worries me about Kit list and packing is that we can only take 10 kg on the Lukla flight and 5kg max in our day bag. It might be a challenge!

Hopefully somemore people will join our discussion.


Hi Marjory

Its going to be very selective packing indeed. A few tries before then I think. 5kg hand baggage, best weigh my backpack and water bottles see whats left to select. I know another traveller is Andrea, she put me onto the holiday. So we have 3 now. 


A band of 3!!!

Have you done anything about vacinations yet?


Hi Marjory, Sharon and Andrea. Good to see you in the departure lounge - only 8+ weeks to go. It should be a great trip - really looking forward to it, and to meeting everyone. Agree with you all that the weight limits are very tight - particulalry with all the three/four season gear that we'll need. Must remember to pack plenty of deodorant! Answering Marjory's question - yes, all vaccinations done. I was pretty up to date anyway, so only needed typhoid. Now need to get fit! Pete.

Hi Pete,

Good to see you in this lounge. When I spoke to Exodus last week they told me that 14 trekkers were confirmed and 2 were holding options. So there will be at least 14 in the band ... we should be able to make a lot of noise.

Yes the weight limits are tight, already I am weighing some things to check them out. I need to to somemore research on expected temperatures.

Like you I am trying to get fitter, however I don't want to peak to soon. Ha!

Hopefully somemore trekkers will join the lounge soon.


Hi everyone I have just found the 'departure lounge'.

my friend Sam and I are on this trip and are so excited.

i agree packing will be a challenge.

Good to hear from you. Does anyone have, or has anyone bought, a SteriPen for this trip? It seems that Exodus are pushing these, but I've always used sterilising tablets in the past without any problems, and at £50 plus they seem an expensive option.


Hi All,

I have bought a Steripen and just delivered yesterday. Its small and compact and battery operated. Its expensive but Andrea and myself have shared the cost so its not too bad. I have most of my Kit and vaccinations are scheduled for later today. I have not looked into a Visa - can we get prior or is a case of something that has to be done on arrival. Money to sort out next - how much and if any in dollars. What's peoples thoughts on this?




Thanks for that, Sharon - I'll have a think about it. I need to check the latest on visas. The trip notes imply that there can be long queues if you wait until you get there, but my recollection is that when I was there a couple of years ago, people who already had thier visas had to wait longer to get through than those who applied as they arrived. I'll email Andres Lopes at Exodus and then post the reply. Haven't thought about money yet. I think that I just exchanged when I arrived last time and took some dollars as back up. Any other thoughts?

Just to say that I have emailed Andre Lopes at Exodus about a few things, and he has been good enough to provide some extra advice which he is happy for me to post - which I'll do in three separate messages. So ..... first off, SteriPEN. Andre said - Although a Steri-PEN involves more of an initial cost outlay, over the course of a trek it will pay for itself - plus you can keep it for use on other trips and treks. If you don’t have a Steri-PEN, then you will have to pay for boiled water (or bottled water - we advise against it due to the plastic disposal problem) which is expensive in the mountains. A Steri-PEN  is effective on non-boiled water which is available free of charge in the teahouses and kills more bacteria than purification tablets. If you wish to save money and take the risk, you could use purification tablets on non-boiled water, but I would not recommend it as the tablets do not kill many sorts of bacteria. 

I then asked Andre for his recommendations about which SteriPEN and his reply was - SteriPEN is the name of a brand of water purification products, and it has many models such as the Classic, Adventurer, Freedom, etc., which differ in size, price and battery life. It depends on how much you are willing to invest. There are other brands of water purification pens, such as MECO, LifeStraw, and so on. I hope this makes sense. We mainly recommend the brand SteriPEN because many of our staff members have used some of their water purification products, and were very happy with them.

I hope that this helps anyone who, like me, was still thinking about this.




Andre's comments about Visas were - EU passport holders can get the Nepalese visa on arrival and that seems to be the easiest option. The multiple-entry 30 day visa costs USD40 [15 days is $25]. You will be asked for two passport pictures – in addition to the other two needed for the trekking permit. However, you may face long queues if many flights arrive at around the same that, and if a lot of passengers on those flights need their visas on arrival. As you say, clients who apply for their visa before travelling will need to wait for the other clients who will apply on arrival.



Andre's comments about obtaining local currency were - When you arrive in Kathmandu, you should exchange you money at the airport, as hotels are no longer legally allowed to do it – sterling will be fine. Furthermore, you will arrive in the late afternoon and, therefore, will not have much time to go around in Kathmandu to buy some rupees. As you are flying to Lukla early on Day 2, the airport exchange bureau is the safest and most convenient option. During the trek, each person spends between £250 and £300 in total (the equivalent in Nepalese rupees). This amount will cover lunches, dinners, beverages, Wi-Fi, charging devices and hot showers. The amount you will spend in Kathmandu can vary a lot, and it will depend on how much money you spend on food, drinks, souvenirs, tips, visits, etc. I would recommend another £100 for the time spent in Kathmandu. You should also bring your card and withdraw money in case you run out.

Again, I hope that this all helps.



Hi All,

Well we now know of 6 travellers and according to the wesite there is only one place left so there will be at least 15 of us.

Thanks Pete for finding out that information for us, very useful. I have gone for a different water purification method which I found in the Travel Forum under 'Drinking water in Nepal'. I will also take along tablets.

I have been keeping an eye on the weather in Lukla. It has been raining but temperatures are not too low. November should be drier with slightly lower temps. Fingers crossed.

Is anyone else travelling down from Scotland to join the group flight out of Heathrow??


Nice to read all the conversations on our up and coming trip.  I am travelling with my dad (Brian) and a mate (Frankie) who has been to Nepal before.

Hi everyone, nice to meet you here already. I know 15 persons have booked. I am looking forward to the tour.  Water: I take purification tablets, Money: I use the airport and ATM's in KTM, Baggage: a little puzzling for the 10kg.

Hi Lisa, Brian, Frankie and Harold. Great to be starting to hear about you all through this blog - I've just quickly counted and 10 of us have now added to the blog directly or through friends and family. Lisa and Brian - you'll love your time together. I did my first ever trek to Annapurna 6 years ago with my daughter - such a special time. Answering a couple of questions - sorry Marjory, I'm not flying down from Scotland - just driving down to Heathrow from the Midlands. Like a few of you, after getting the advice I'm actually sticking with water purification tablets. In terms of the 10kg baggage, I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'a little puzzling' Harold. In case you haven't read it, the limit for hold baggage on the internal flight to Lukla is only 10kg, and the carry on is limited to 5kg!! If you already knew this, I'm sorry if I misunderstood your comment. Less than 4 weeks to go - I really do need to start thinking about my packing list. Pete

Pete thanks for the info. I already new these limits and meant I have to check carefully what to pack in Kathmandu. I am sure we can store some baggage in the hotel there. Then 15kig (10/5) is enough for me. Looking forward to meet you all!!

Hi to Sharon, Andrea, Pete, Barks, Sam Lisa, Brian, Frankie and Harold. 

 Looking forward to 21 days from now when we can put faces to the names. When I booked this trip in the summer it seemed ages away and with lots of time to get organised but now the departure is fast approaching. 

 Has anyone on here considering taking Diamox (for Altitude sickness) along with them?? It is private prescription only and I can’t decide. 

 Another question, on closer examination of the Exodus Kit bag, I wondered if it might be reasonably waterproof? (I could contact Exodus to ask I guess) 

 Harold - I read in the Exodus notes that we can leave some luggage at the hotel in Kathmandu. I intend on leaving some clean clothes for when we get back from the hills. 

 It looks like some of you have been to Nepal in the past. I was there with Exodus in November 1987 …30 years ago! I was not trekking though, it was a trip to Nepal and India. It is just a coincidence it was 30 years ago to the month and not part of a grand life plan. 

All for now, 


Hi All

I have my kit list now. Its a relief as I feel time is running out!

This weekend I am going to have a go at packing my bag to see what fits where and get an idea for the real deal. Andrea and I are on the  Heathrow flight to Deli at 20.50. Anyone else on this flight?


Hi all. 

Marjory - I think that taking Daimox with you is very much a personal choice. I've always been fortunate and not been affected by altitude sickness - other than the obvious breathlessness when walking. That doesn't guarantee that I'll be ok this time, of course, but I won't be taking Diamox. 

Hi all. 

Marjory - I think that taking Daimox with you is very much a personal choice. I've always been fortunate and not been affected by altitude sickness - other than the obvious breathlessness when walking. That doesn't guarantee that I'll be ok this time, of course, but I won't be taking Diamox. 

Hi again. Not sure what happened, but my last comment was posted before I'd finished.

I don't know about the Exodus bag. I guess that they are water resistant rather than waterproof. I always take waterproof liners and polythene bags (that I take home with me, not dump in the mountains!). I also keep my fingers crossed that it stays dry.

I'm also on the 20.50 flight to Delhi, so hopefully a few of us might meet up at Heathrow or on the flight.


20 days to go! Looking forward to it :-)

Sharon, how did your practise packing go? Did you have some tough decisions to make? Have you any tips for us folks who may not have time for a real practise pack??

I am on the Heathrow flight too.


Hi All

Looks like I am one of the last to join the Forum.  Looking forward to the trip and meeting you all.  I am on the Heathrow 20:50 flight as well.

Hi Sandra,

You are not the last to join. 16 trekkers are booked on the trip and we only have 11 on the forum. We still have 5 to say hello to.

Look forward to meeting you on the 15th!!


Hi All,

Marjory - my packing went well....eventually. I had a few tries and eventually decided that tops packed in 1 dry sack, trousers/shorts in another and socks n underwear in another. Toiletries and medications in a small dry bag. All go into one big dry bag with my sleeping bag. It works for me. I have not packed clothes for everyday walking - but enough not to put you all off. Sacrifices had to be made. there's always a rub through on the afternoons we have free (I hope)

All weighed and within limits. slightly under actually for that last minute panic pack we all do (or I do at least).

Photos for visa on entry all ready along with my spending money - the advice prior was very useful and helped tremendously.

It will be good if we could meet up in Heathrow. Andrea and myself are there a good few hours before the flight to Deli.

I take it that we cannot book online just yet - not looked at that part of the instruction; work keeps getting in the way.


Hi all. Great to hear from you, Sandra, and to know that there are now 16 of us. It should be a great trip.

I have finally started packing, or a least getting things out ready, to make sure I have everything and that it is all clean. I know that if I actually pack now I will simply repack too many times, so I’ll probably leave it now until a couple of days before we travel.

The best advice that I had for packing for a trip like this was - ‘there are two types of packers; those who packed light, and those who wished they had’. Unfortunately I don't follow the advice and always try to take too much!!

I have been checking the weather occasionally and it is currently looking good, with plenty of sun. Kathmandu looks very pleasantly warm, but Lukla is around 8/9 during the day and -1/-2 at night. I’m sure that the luxury, centrally heated tea houses will be warm, though - NOT.

Looking forward to meeting everyone.



Hi all,

I am rather like Pete and just getting things organised to pack. I decided to try and put my trekking poles in my bag, but they are too long.

We can't take them as hand luggage!

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to overcome this??

OR do I just buy cheap ones in Nepal and leave them behind??


Hi Marjory. I am surprised that you are having a problem getting your poles into your bag. I always thought that the Exodus bags had been designed to make sure that they accommodated the poles. Mine are regular Leki poles and they have always been fine - even if they have been a tight fit. To be fair I haven’t tried them in this year’s bag, but they certainly fit in the bag I had a couple of years ago, which I intend to use again.

Would they fit on the diagonal across the bottom?

If they don’t fit, I think your idea of buying some cheap ones when you get there is probably a good option. 

Good luck.


Hi everyone, I'm Frankie whose coming with my mate Lisa and her Dad.  Great to see everyone on the forum and looking forward to meeting everyone and enjoying a few Everest beers in the evening. 

I've been to Nepal before some years back and you should find a total of 15kg to Lukla is fine.  Just don't pack too many clothes or toiletries. You need layers as it is lovely when the sun is out but first thing in the morning and at night it will be cold.  Batteries, contact lenses etc will need to sleep with you in your toasty warm sleeping bag.  Best way to pack your sleeping bag on the trek is to leave it until last, then lay it on top and then push it down the sides of the bag etc and this way it gives nice soft sides for the porters. 

You can leave a bag in the hotel in Katmandu with clean clothes. They will also launder your clothes from trip out whilst your away.  Getting a visa at the airport is not a problem. 

Umm suppose I better think about packing............. no doubt bump into some of you at Heathrow.

Dear All,

Can’t believe it only 3 sleeps, this time next week we will be resting our heads somewhere in Kyanjuma.

 Pete thanks for your advise on the walking poles.

 Frankie, yes looking forward to a few beers, but purely for medicinal purposes to keep us hydrated!

 My packing is challenging and I have had to make some tough choices so sadly the electric blanket and the coffee machine have to be left behind.

 I wrote to Andre (Exodus) to check we would have time to organise water before trekking from Lukla.

His reply:-  You will get a chance to drink water before the flight, and five minutes after you land in Lukla. The flight takes about 45 minutes. You will have the chance to move your belongings from one bag to the other before you start walking. Before you start the trek, there will be a briefing at a teahouse, where you will also meet the rest of the staff.

 Been keeping my eye on the weather, the chances are it will be warmer than where I live in Perth, Scotland. We already have snow on the hills and temps have been below zero.

Looking forward to meeting you all.


Have a safe trip to KTM everyone! Meet you there!

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