Experience travel in Calabria???

I have prebooked the Sicily trip for the started of 2019..For those who have done the Calabria post trip, what did you think? I intend to go to Malta on my own. Not sure about Calabria so thought I would ask..I adore southern Italy. https://periodicos.ufsc.br/index.php/mundosdotrabalho/comment/view/48182/0/39500

Drive to Tropea.

She is the jewel of Calabria! TROPEY: CITY ON ROCKS
Tropea is a small town where, it seems, there are several times more tourists than indigenous people. So it, in essence, is. This town, which inhabits seven thousand inhabitants, has something to show the guests. Here you will not find architectural masterpieces, you will not be able to walk through the museum rooms richly lined with exhibits, history will not shout to you from every alley. She will talk to you calmly. The center of the old Tropea, a town with a two-thousand-year history, is an interlacing of streets, narrow enough for a car, but quite suitable for a motorcycle. Houses that are closely spaced with one another form cozy and quiet courtyards, which can be reached through narrow alleys between rather tall houses.
In Tropea, there is a feeling that this city is crowded. Even the square where stands the Duomo, Norman-style building XIIeka, rather narrow and elongated. The town is crowded in fact, because it stands on a rock. On the one hand it is supported by the foothills of the southern spurs of the Apennines to the sea, on the right it borders the gorge, on the slopes of which the road-serpentine is laid, are at home, and in front it is a cliff in the sea. The precipice is steep, powerful. I can not argue, but I am sure that the height of the rock is not less than seventy, or even all of a hundred meters. In any case, you look up from the bottom, with your head jerked up sharply, and from the viewing platforms, and there are several of them in the town, it is rather scary to look down: it is too steep and high. There is even a church in Tropea, which doesn’t fit into the city’s borders, it was allocated a place on a separate rock under the main rocks. This rock stands right in the sea, the church bears the name of Santa Maria dell'Izola (Virgin Mary of the Island), you can climb to it, having overcome a considerable number of steps.
The tourist center is filled with souvenir shops and cafes, their number is again clearly disproportionate to the number of residents. Tourism is Tropea’s main breadwinner. And in fact, they come here. And go, first of all, for the beaches. The beaches here are excellent. To say that they are somehow very luxuriously equipped, it is impossible. But the entire beach infrastructure is available, and the atmosphere on the beaches reigns the most democratic and comfortable. You can take a sunbed and an umbrella, you can not take them, using your towel or bedspread - no one will make a complaint to you. But the cafe above the beaches is worth a visit. At least for the sake of coffee. The coffee brewed here is superb! Remember the variety - «Migara». I have tried many years of constant trips to Italy for a variety of coffees; This never drank. In addition, in retail you will not find it.
From the beaches of Tropea, breathtaking views open up: on the one hand the purest Tyrrhenian Sea, on the other - the steep cliffs on which Tropea huddles. At home, the feeling is not just growing out of the rock, they are hanging from it. Balconies do not come out of the house, but as if from the same rock. World-famous linen drying in the wind hangs directly over the abyss and gives the whole picture some kind of fantastic, even somewhat absurd look.
Almost the entire length of the cliffs stretch in several rows lined up on each other arches. This picture looks no less breathtaking and unreal. A little later, you realize that these arches keep the rock from being destroyed, because the region is earthquake-prone. But when among the gray stones of these imposing arches you can see pieces of furniture or the same drying linen, you don’t think about their true purpose.
Tropea is a cozy and lovely town. It is good to rest here, lying on the beach. After the beach you can walk through the streets, sit in a cafe. But it is impossible to count on more in Tropea. She is good for a beach, relaxing holiday. I won the money for the trip on the site https://ipayzz.com/. You can see if interested

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Tropea is lovely.

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