Fast plane to China

Dear fellow travellers.

My name is Rosemary and I write this on Monday with only four days to go to lift off! I for one CANNOT WAIT!

I look forward to travelling and meeting up with you all. Are most of us leaving on Friday from Heathrow at 16.30 on flight BA39? 

I have never travelled with Exodus. Has anybody else? Do we meet in London or congregate together in Beijing! 

I am travelling alone, but have the honour of sharing a room with a fellow traveller. I look forward to meeting you!

 I was in China last year regarding some study. So am looking forward to being a tourist and spending time experiencing the country and it's people. The ordinary Chinese I met were very friendly and helpful. Sadly language was a problem as not many people speak English and I was ignorant of their language. 

I was a regular visitor at a local massage Spa and highly recommend it. The Chinese really know how to massage and it is not expensive! I also want to have some acupuncture. 

Well I just wanted to introduce myself - start a thread  and share some early thoughts with you.

See you Friday/Saturday - happy holidays!


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