February 17th. South India Explored

We are looking forward to this trip and would be pleased to make contact with fellow travellers. 

Hi M&J, nice to meet you! We're looking forward to this trip. Only realised yesterday it's just 2 weeks to go. We've never been to India before - have you? Looking forward to meeting you both (and our fellow travellers) very soon. All the best, Gill & Steve

Hi Gill and Steve, nice to meet you too. Can't wait to see some sun and get outdoors in warm weather. We went to northern India a few years ago with another group travel company and thoroughly enjoyed the country although we did have a number of problems with tummy upsets! We are travelling out independantly so should be at out arrival hotel a little ahead of the group flight. We look forward to meeting you and our fellow travellers. Mandy and John.

Wow! Is there space for 2 more in your private Lear Jet? : )       (What do you know that we don't then?).  Yup, we've been advised to stock-up with Imodium & rehydration sachets, but hopefully won't be that bad if we're careful. All busy here 'till be go, so packing will be usual last minute (for Steve anyway!). But lucily Heathrow is only 25 mins away, and out daughter is dropping us off - so no car parking, etc.. Just out for a late afternoon walk now, in attempt to get more fit for the trip! Cheers, Steve & Gill

I wish it was a private jet but, alas, simply slightly cheaper flights at a time that suits us better.

See you soon, M&J 

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