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Fellow travellers on the 24th April US Parks

Just wondering who else is doing this trip and wanted to say hi to you. I've trekked in the Grand Canyon a few years back and the scenery was fantastic, so wanted to see more.

Hi Duracell,

I am on this tour, I booked directly with GrandAmerican, but I have traveled with Exodus before. I am going out to Vegas 2 days earlier, I have never been to this part of the USA before.
I am really looking forward to the tour and hoping for good weather! :)

Hi Zsuzsa,

Good idea to go out a couple of days before to see the sights in Vegas.
Yes I'm really looking forward to the trip and have travelled with Exodus before. I'm sure we'll have a great time. Friends have used Grand American Adventures and said that they were great.

hi zsuzsa, Duracell

I am in LV now and just wondering if you have heard anything about​ when the group meet is.

I know the flight arrives at 19.25 but no idea if we are all meeting up tonight.


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