Fellow travellers on Colours of Rajasthan?


Is there anyone else out there going on this trip from the 17th/18th January?

Hi Nicola, I am on the 17th Jan trip. Just waiting on my Visa coming back - probably left it a little late for comfort! Getting excited now though. You on the group flight from Heathrow?

I know that feeling, we went to get our visas a few weeks ago & seemed very close to travel time but they turned them around in a few days so hopefully you'll have yours by now!
I'm travelling with my sister & we're flying from Birmingham as easier for us so we'll meet up with the group at the hotel on the 18th.
Really looking forward to it- having booked it last December!!
Hope you have a good Christmas & See you in a few weeks :-)


Judy and I really looking forward to the tour and meeting fellow travelers. Not sure about the hours on the coach. Sore behinds! This will be our first time in this part of India. Taj Mahal is on our bucket list. See you soon!

Hi Paul & Judy,
Yes the extreme coach journeys won't be the most comfy! But I'm sure it'll be worth it.

We're having debates about how best to take money at the moment - any ideas?


Sorry about the delay. Problems with my broadband. We have been advised to take sterling and change some at the hotel on arrival. Apparently it is not permitted to take rupees into India.

Looking forward to meeting everyone on aturday morning.

managed to get to Heathrow ridiculously early! Anybody else here yet and want to meet up before check in?

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