fellow travellers Kenya Tanzania Adventure

Hi ....... we are just wondering if there are others on the forum who are joining us on this amazing trip :-)
We are from Canada . Hoping to hear from fellow travellers!!

Hi Peggy, I signed up this week, and very excited. I am a solo traveler, from Oxford, England.

what an exciting 15 days we will have.

I sure am excited about it!! My husband and I are from Ontario Canada. :-)
Have you any idea how many of us are on this tour ?

We are three - Lew, Renee and Zack. We live near San Francisco. I think it's a maximum of 18 tourists for the tour, plus the guides, cook and driver. I noticed on the booking site that the trip for our dates is not listed. That usually means it is sold out. I did a similar trip a few years ago to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. It was fantastic!

Hey, I contacted Exodus the other day to find out about the group, they sent me this info -

There are 14 of you on the tip now. Still 4 places available to book. Here how the group looks:

Couple 60’s

Solo female – no date of birth given

Couple 50’s/60’s

Two males and a female on one booking – no dates of birth given

Solo female 50’s

Couple 50’s/60’s

Solo female 50’s

Solo male 40’s

Hope it is helpful :-)

oh and me, I am 34, solo

Thanks, Dan. We're busy preparing here - shots, pills, Insect Shielded clothes, watching youtubes on stops on the tour, reading the warnings of the US State Department, Wiki on the countries and a book on the history of East Africa. Here's a favorite quote on travel: "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime." (Mark Twain). I just returned from my latest adventure - two weeks in Manhattan, where I lived for 14 years. Love Oxford, by the way.

You are a lot more organisged than I am Lew, so far I've had my injections, and nothing else! Need to get sorted. How old are your group? Oxford is great, when did you visit?

Hi Dan,

I'm retired so I have more time for organizing. I'm also both blessed and cursed with the German gene - punctuality, organization and planning - "alles ist ordnung!" I was fortunate to serve for several years as a consultant for an organization affiliated with Cambridge University. The work required me to visit Oxford occasionally. I've probably been to the UK 15 times or so. A couple of years ago the three of us spent a week in Ireland, a week in Scotland and a week in London. I am 68, my wife, Renee, is 54. Her son, Zack, my step-son, is 16. Have you traveled with Exodus before? Been to Africa? Why did you choose this tour? I think the cost of such trips result in a preponderance of older people signing up. It's fantastic that you are availing yourself of this opportunity while in your early 30's. On an earlier trip I made to southern Africa, there were more people your age and even some in their 20's. Today I'm turning my attention to clothing, sleeping bags and my to do list. We are fortunate to live in an age of relatively easy accessibility to international travel. Here's another travel quote: (I collect them!) "Investment in travel is an investment in oneself." Matthew Karsten

Hi All...
Nice to read your comments. I'm trying to find sleeping bags that meet 0c and are light and small.
I'm worried about the luggage restriction to Zanzibar flight and am trying to figure out how to fit a sleeping bag within the restrictions.
Do any of u ( esp those from US) have any suggestions?
Thanks in advance
I have travelled as a solo to both South & North India and found them to be very good.
Similar to G adventures in Canada:-)

Hi Peggy,
The lightest and most compact sleeping bags are down-filled. These are also the most expensive. Sometimes I take a two season bag and plan on sleeping in some of my clothes. As I read the baggage requirement as found on page 8 of the Trip Notes - "Please note that on the internal flight to Zanzibar, you are allowed to take hand luggage weighing up to 5kgs in addition to the 20kgs checked baggage". This allows 25 kgs or a total of 55 lbs for those of us from the States. Exodus recommends 3 season bags. There are many 3 season bags that weigh 3-5 lbs or 2 kgs and stuff quite compactly. Not sure if this helps.

Thank you for your reply. Marc and I have purchased recommended bags and a wheeled duffle bag for luggage within the dimensions given .
We have gotten the medical part done and Kenya & Tanzania visa's. Whew !!
Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Hi guys, I'm another solo on the trip, looking forward to meeting everyone! Never been to Africa before so wanted to ask.....does anyone take Vit B as well as repellents, to stop getting bitten....and does it work? See you soon, Ian

Hi Ian,

We look forward to meeting you as well as all the others. I am unaware of the prophylactic benefit of Vit B. Can't help you with any additional information there. We've gotten the shots and the pills suggested and recommended to ward off any unwanted diseases. We're taking repellent (with Deet) We also sent clothes and hats to Insect Shield for treatment with permethrim. Upon arriving I'll seek aerosol bug spray for use inside mosquito netting or tent if there is no netting. We're probably overdoing it. I'm not as zealous when I travel alone. This trip includes my wife and my step-son. I really want them to enjoy the experience. so I am being doubly careful. I did a tour similar to this one to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia with 20 other people over 4 weeks. No one got sick as far as I know - not by food or by insect transmission. Where are you from, Ian? I'm 68 and now retired. My wife, Renee, is the executive director of a charity that helps homeless moms and their children. Our son, Zack, is a sophomore in high school. We live about 20 miles north of San Francisco.

Hi Lew

Thanks for all the info! It's my first trip on safari so I want to make sure, like everyone else, I enjoy it and don't get ill or bitten to pieces!! I'm from the UK, a little town called Market Harborough on the Leicester/Northampton border. I'm 44, and have spent the last 10 years working too hard setting up a business. Not had a Summer holiday in a long time, so I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it. San Francisco has been on my list for a couple of years, as they reckon it's a great place for food.....???? Anyway, great to hear from you, counting down the days and I'll have to get organised very soon...!!

This is Raj. I am a solo traveller. Been to Exodus last year to trek in northern Spain.

Totally excited about the trip with a little butterfly feeling in my stomach. Been on the tread mill walking for 45 min at 15 incline in hope that all will be well on the climb.

My colleague joked that it is technically not a climb but a walk uphill. I nearly beat him up. He was in deep trouble!!! ha ha

Haven't brought anything proper and fellow fever vaccination is this week. But I am sure all will be well in the end!!

I found Market Harborough on Google maps. And read there is a population of 22,911. I looked through some of the pictures and observe it's really quite charming, though for colonials from America almost everything in Britain is charming. The closest I have been to your town would be a visit I made many years ago to Newstead Abbey, the ancestral home of a favorite poet, George Gordon Lord Byron. You worked very hard to start and stabilize your business. You certainly merit a well-deserved vacation! I found Africa to be eye-popping interesting - very exotic and very alluring. So I'm coming back! You've chosen a great location to forget about work for a while. I started my own small business in 1999, consulting for NGOs and just closed it down last year. I'm still trying to get used to all the time I now have in retirement. We hike, kayak, travel and haunt art museums. I also volunteer for my wife's work. She's the executive director for a charity that assists homeless mothers and their children. Though you've very likely thought of this, do remember to bring binoculars. On a recent trip we made to Ecuador and the Galapagos, some of our small ship travel mates regretted that they had forgotten to do so.

Thanks Lew, I've ordered a compact pair this morning, don't want to take anything too heavy. Would be a shame not to have some, they won't be the best in the world but better than none at all!

Hey Dan, where are you flying from? I'm out of Heathrow at 17:55, are you on the same flight?

We are bringing two compact binoculars and one upscale one. Agree with the notion to travel light - to Africa and in life! I just got cash from the bank for on the ground expenses. I'm leery of using credit cards though I might need to. We were told in Zimbabwe that virtually every ATM is loaded with information stealing malware, though hotels and established restaurants are probably OK on our trip. Exodus recommends no bills printed earlier than 2004 and to bring some bills in smaller denominations. Also, consider calling your card company and letting them know you'll be in Africa. Otherwise, they might not approve transactions. So there's the paradox of being told not to carry too much cash around and then use credit cards with caution. One of my daughters recently returned from Zanzibar and said they were cautioned by staff not to leave bags, packages or luggage near screened windows. They'll cut through them to get to the items. It's a trip where keeping one's wits about oneself is a good idea. Since we'll almost always be in the company of guides we should be fine. There were two risky events on my last safari - someone just missed stepping on a Puff Adder and when our safari vehicle broke down, some of the group walked 50 yards or so away in order to sit in shade. I noticed the guide kept looking at them and when I asked him about that he said, "They're making a lot of noise and this is lion country." So we called them back to the broiling open safari vehicle. It was hours before we got help. Such adventure! Oh yes there was one more. When floating the Zambesi River with crocs on the shore some of our group flipped in their raft and were thrown into the drink. They quickly scrambled back on. Otherwise, we were all safely taken care of. Now I'm excitedly awaiting the final notes and information from Exodus, distributed 2-3 weeks before the tour begins.

Hi all,

the forum seems to be working again. Only 5 more sleeps, finished getting all my stuff together at the weekend.

Ian, I am also flying from Heathrow, so assume we are on the same flight.

Is everyone else ready and excited?

Hey Dan

Excited? Yes.... Ready? No! Last jab on Thursday, then all done (I think)....look forward to meeting you and everyone else soon!


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