Festivals of Bhutan - 24 March


I'm looking forward to the trip and meeting everyone, it's suddenly come up very quickly. A couple of questions -

- Is everyone getting their Nepal visa on arrival?

- I'm a bit baffled as to what to wear for the festival as it says no trainers or jeans, which is pretty much all I was planning on taking. Any suggestions gratefully received - I can do the collared shirt (though won't you have a jacket on over it anyway?) it's more the footwear.


Hi Tina, I am a fellow solo traveller! Looking forward to trip, I am also thinking about clothing and I cannot work out what the temperature will be! I plan to take my usual walking trainers and  a pair of sandals, will have trousers and tops for daytime and may take long skirt for festival? haven't got a shirt with collar though!  I am wondering whether attire should be much different to what I have worn in India in the past? ! 


Sorry - in answer to your other question - I have gone for visa via travcour as wasnt sure what people would be doing and didnt want others to be hanging around airport for me. I have had a visa on arrival in kathmandu before and it was easy - I wouldnt mind waiting ! I am staying on in Nepal for a week after the trip.

I’ll feel bad now if I hold people up! I googled it and it said that getting a visa on arrival is sometimes quicker than already having one. Not sure how true that is.

 I looked at the weather today in Bhutan - it was only 8c so I’m definitely taking more cold weather wear than I originally thought. 

I would have thought what you’d previously worn in India would be perfect. 

Well it was always hot in India! Don't worry about visa- get it when you arrive, much cheaper! If all else fails clthes wise we can buy a bhutanese outfit! 😣

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