Finland Wilderness

Hi, my name is Sue aka Jolly Lady .. I know it's still a few months to go but wondered who else was on this adventure. I'm travelling with a couple of friends Emma and El But just wanted to say Hi to anyone else on the trip. 😁

Hi Jolly Lady, 

What date are you and your friends going?  I'm booked on 14/01/18.

Hi Sue,

Not sure when you're booked up but i too, like Liz, am heading out on the 14.01.

Travelling solo as no friends wanted to brave the temperatures ha! Thorougly looking forwards to a week of adventure and natural beauty!

hi both


thats when we fly home .. I can’t wait. Hope you both have a fantastic holiday.


Hi...Lisa here (aka Twinkletoes)...finally got rouond to checking out the departure lounge!

I am travelling on the 14th Jan and I cannot wait! Travelling on my todd so looking forward to meeting new people.

See you all soon! x 

Hi Jolly lady - I think we must be on the same trip then. Going on the 7th? 

I am travelling by myself - my mates don't share my love of snow!!!  But I'm very excited :) :) 

hey there 174 .. not long to go .. are you flying from Gatwick ... if yes let me know what flight number and we’ll look out for you .. there’s 3 of us girls travelling together .. we’ve booked the aspire lounge before our 2pm flight ... start as you mean to go on 😊

Hi, yes we are on the same one, going at 2pm. I'm supposed to be meeting a friend in the morning, but if not I might join you in the lounge :)

Cya soon,


Hey, only just got round to starting to think (panic) about this !  I am travelling on 14th.  Travelling solo.  Looking forward to it but a bit nervous too, not done anything in the way of winter activities before but have been assured it will be fine !!  Looking forward to meeting you :-)


Two more girls here travelling on 7th Jan. Very excited! Might go book the aspire lounge if that's where you're all going to be!

Wendy & Lynsey

hey Wendy & Lyndsey


we are aiming to get to the Aspire lounger about 11.30 And ditto on the sooo excited #4moresleeps.. 

Sue,El & Emma


Hi all... I'm also travelling on 14th.  Really looking forward to it and also travelling solo!  See you soon, Claire

Hi CGTM87, Lisa (aka Twinkletoes), Rach and Claire (aka CLH),

It's great to hear from other single travellers.  Can't wait now, only a few more days before the fun begins!!

Hi all travelling on the 14th...

That's 5 of us, only 15 more to meet !

Looking forward to it :-)

Hi, Just wondered if anyone travelling on 14th fancied meeting at the airport for a cheeky one and a bite to eat ?  I was looking at heading for Wetherspoons but to be honest it seems about the same for a meal and drink in there as to pay for the aspire lounge where we can have more than one if we want and would probably be easier to find each other !  What do you think ??


Hi Rach,  I would be up for that and it's quite reasonable!  Shall we book it from about 12pm? Claire

That's what I thought.  I think you just put your flight in and you are allowed from 3 hours before or something.  Will book shortly... Look forward to meeting you.


Hey...sounds like a plan! Will just try and work out how I book it...if I fail I will post on here again! Looking meeting everyone! And I hope the weather forecast for the week drastically changes!! Lisa

Found it...I take it everyone is booking into the My Lounge not the more luxury ones! Will book for 11am just to allow a bit of extra time and its the same price! My mobile is 07738 556942...someone text me so I know who to look for!

Whoops me again...just saw the Aspire bit underneath...thats the one I will book! Sorted! Hope someone sees these messages else I am chatting to myself! :-)

Hey Lisa, just picked up the messages. I am booked into aspire from 11am too, it looked cheapest/best value.

Am going through my stuff and having last minute panics !  Will be glad to be there and checked in !  Hopefully we will all find each other easy enough without flowers in lapels or anything hahahahaha !  I am ginger so pretty easy to spot usually :)


Only me.  I've just phoned Exodus to find out which terminal we're flying out from, documents do not mention which one!  The chap said South terminal then corrected himself and said North terminal.  He wasn't knowledgeable about the trip, thus I'm not convinced with his answer.  Is it North terminal?  Flight BY4712.

Morning ladies,


Apologies for the delayed response. Aspire lounge sounds like a great idea, I shall book myself in there and aiming to get to the airport for for 11.30/11.45 so hopefully be in the lounge not much later after then. 


Im not too hard to spot, I’ll have a garish yellow rucksack and a ginger beard ha!


Looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow!


Liz - it is the north terminal. That is where all the Tui flights go from. It's a quick 2 minutes in the shuttle train from south, so don't worry about it. 

Anyway people, we are on the last day of our trip :(. It has been awesome. You're all going to have a great time!!

Hi Folks, I've booked the Aspire Lounge too.  Can't wait to meet you all tomorrow.  Liz:-)

Hi Liz, yes is North, I googled it !

Looking forward to meeting everyone in the Aspire :-)


Hi all, i've just booked Aspire so will see you there! I have no ginger features but am on 07795 170386 if anyone wants to text :-)

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