Finnish Wilderness Week

Hey everyone, anybody going on the Finnish Wilderness Week departing 21st Feb?

Hello Rach. Phil Wyatt here. I am going on this trip starting on that day. Not seen anyone else yet going that day. Really looking forward to it, the place looks amazing. Good to see someone else who is going. Always good to meet up with people from the group at the airport. Hopefully catch up soon. Take care. Phil Wyatt

Hi Phil and Rach...Im going 21st too! So excited. This has been on my bucket list for a while now. Look forward to meeting you both...its going to be FUN! x

Hey Phil and Sal! Not long to go now, I'm very excited, the place looks amazing! Hope everyone's got their base layers at the ready, I read it was -39.1C the other week! :-) x

Hi all, maybe my user name should be Sal2!
Anyway me and my OH Dave are on 21st holiday. Looking forward to the week and meeting everyone. I've been looking at webcams in the area, seems to be plenty of snow. Hope it doesn't warm up to much x

I changed it to save confusion

Rach, really, minus 39?....OMG...maybe wont sleep the night in the igloo then lol. Nice to meet you (sort of) Sal and Dave. So what sort of clothing are you guys taking. I know they supply most outdoor gear, but are you taking thermals etc, and just casual for the evenings? Do you think we should bring some chocolate goodies and snacks as we are not near a town? Its come around so fast now! xx

Hello all again. A bit warmer now, think -10 at night, lots of snow. I am taking lots of layers, and thermals. Biggest problem I think is when we stop for lunch, trying not to get cold. I don't think they supply any clothing or have i messed that? Goodies and chocolate sounds good, need to replace all those calories burnt. Can't beleive its only 10 days to go. Hope to see you all at the airport. Wonder how many more are joining us? you all take care. Phil x

Hey guys, they definitely supply the clothing. The trip notes say just take base layer thermals and I'm bringing more jumpers than you could shake a stick at...I was cold in the Caribbean..!! X

My phone app says -3 to -6 most of next week, shame it's not -20 like a few weeks ago, although I've been struggling with the cold here this week. Chocolate and crisps etc sound good. There are a few new trip reviews with good tips. I think there is 14 of us. Not long now x

Hi Guys, footwear wise I was just thinking of Timberlands and trainers for the evenings as they supply the outdoor boots dont they? Mind you, I presume we will have to do the snowy dash from bar to bedrooms each evening! Im working like a trojan trying to finish stuff before Sunday...then its play time!! Bye the way, Im sally (sal) 51 from just outside Dartford, Kent. Im probably going to make use of my free lounge access on Sunday morning for breakfast (get it with my bank account), so I may not see you until the departure gate, but Ive got shortish, blond curly hair and will probably have an excited grin on my face(especially if I also had a glass of wine in the lounge!) xx

I can't decide whether to take walking boots or some cheap ugg type boots that it won't matter if they get trashed in the snow, and my crocs for indoors and running to the sauna and hot tub, can't wait

Hello Guys. Can't believe I have posted in the wrong group. I will keep taking the tablets, perhaps using wine instead of water may help. Have a great time out there. No one from my group - cross country in Finland seems to have posted on here. Phil

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