Finnish Wilderness Week

Hi there,
Is anyone else going on the Finnish Wilderness Week. I can't wait, not long now!

Hi there. Yes I'm also booked onto this trip, departing 27 Dec. You too? I understand there are 2 departures for New Year. I'm going to Oulanka Basecamp, rather than Logging Lodge. My name's Joy, am a single traveller, in my 40s and a Brit, living in Holland. Am also SUPER excited and in addition to hopefully seeing the Northern Lights at least once(?), I particularly want to have a go snowmobiling, as well as the "Huskies" and possibly ice climbing. Look forward to meeting those of you who'll be on the same trip. Until then, have fun planning ;0)


Yes I am on the Logging Lodge departure and it is my first Exodus trip after a recommendation from a sailing friend.


Hi I am on the family trip leaving Dec 27th with my partner and 11yr daughter. Any other families on this trip? looking forward to it!

Anyone going on the 20th December departure to oulanka?

Hey everyone,

I'm going on the 13th Dec departure, anyone else going on this one?

I'm really looking forward to it.

I am also going on the 13th. Are you staying at the basecamp?
I'm really looking forward to it too. It will soon come round!

Hi there,

I'm also going on the 13th Dec departure, really looking forward to it as well, just over 7 weeks!


Hi Deb. I'm on the trip leaving 20th Dec. Really excited!! Can't wait!!

Hey Jane, Katie and RF17!
I'm coming along on the 13th Dec - I will meet you at Basecamp as I'm flying out of London and will catch a Taxi from Kuusamo. I'm looking forward to all the outdoor activities and warming up at basecamp! I understand its a good idea to stock up on 'liquid supplies' at the airport.
PS Marks and Sparks New Thermal range is toasty and doesn't look like they belong in a John Wayne Movie! Speak soon,

I'm not flying from London. I'm flying from a regional airport.

Hi Athena,

Great tips, thank you, I need to buy more thermal base layers (the only thing I need though which is great they give you so much) and was thinking of outdoor shops but I'll try M&S.

Also hadn't thought of stocking up, although was aware Finland is super expensive!

Looking forward to meeting everyone!


Me and my friend are booked on the trip leaving on the 27th. I'm very excited, I've never done a holiday like this before

Hello Everyone, we are a family of 5 with three boys aged 15, 11, and 10 and we are all very excited for this great adventure and are looking forward to meeting you all.

Hi All, I have booked on the 27th Dec trip staying at Oulanka and gradually counting down the days!! Heard great things about this trip and I am sure I will not be disappointed and bring on the cold weather. Anyone else staying at Oulanka from 27th?

Hi I'm out on the 13th Dec trip from Gatwick. Looking forwards to it - especially the dog sledding!
Stocking up on snacks too!


Looking forward to dark skies and northern lights.
Stocking up seems like a great idea. ❄️

Hi Katie, Jane, Freedom:

Nice to e-meet you :-) Where are you from?

I'm Portuguese but live in London so flying from Gatwick airport.

Looking forward to meeting you all in person.

Can't wait for the 13th!

Ooops, sorry just realised Freedom is actually Athena :-)

And I'm Rita by the way!

Hi Rita,

Good to virtually meet you too! I'm Scottish, from Glasgow so I'm staying at Gatwick the night before and on the group flight.

It's so soon now I can hardly believe it, very excited. :-)

Hello all! We are travelling on the 27th Dec from Gatwick trip. This will be the 2nd time to Basecamp for my wife and I, and the first for our 6yo son... Really looking forward to this trip!! Paul.

Hello, I was just wondering what people were thinking of doing in Ruka on Day 5. There are no planned activities.
I am having some ski lessons at the moment and may head to the slopes. Does anyone else want to go skiing?

I understand Fat Bikes are not available until January.

Hi guys!
2 weeks tomorrow!!!
I'm also on the group flight from Gatwick, looking forward to meeting you all in person.
Ahh, I quite fancied doing the fat biking but I also would like to do the snowmobiling, also skiing...basically all of it :-) I think we have 2 free days anyway don't we, days 5 & 7.
Looking forward to meeting you all.

Two weeks today now! :-)) I'm counting down the days at work much to the frustration of my colleagues!

Yes I definitely want to ski, had thought day 5 as transfers included and can get a whole day in, then I was thinking day 7 for snowmobiles maybe but depends on what the options are I guess.

Thinking ahead to packing, clothes wise sounding like it's really just base layers, swimwear, couple of pairs of jeans and jumpers for evening, is that other people's views? Feel like I hardly have any stuff to pack and it's odd!

Fat bikes are not available until January? That's quite disappointing. I was really looking forward to it :(

I'm planning on doing snowmobile, dog sledding, ice climbing and anything else available.

I think activities planned are just half a day so will book some additional activities for the rest of the day.

I'm so excited. Time is going so slowly!!!

I'm packing light too Jane. But I think I'll follow others advice to stack up at the airport.

See you all next Tuesday, at the airport or in Finland!

No Fat Bikes! Shame, but I guess there's plenty of other things to do. Downhill skiing appeals to me.
I'm staying at Gatwick North Terminal Monday night 12/12 in a misguided attempt to squeeze an additional hour's sleep in before the dreaded early start.
Couple of bits of info I've picked up...
There appears to be only one hair dryer at the camp (held at the reception), so you might want to pack one. Also, breakfast not included in morning flight so you might want to get something at the airport...I can feel a Boots meal deal coming on.

For clarification I'm staying at a Hotel at Gatwick.The Premier Inn, not sleeping on the terminal floor by the check in desk!

In regards to Ruka Downhill Skiing
' The tour leader will book educational lessons and help you out with renting downhill skis.

Transfer to Ruka will be after breakfast and you will stop at the ticket office and equipment renting building in Ruka. Transfer back will be in the late afternoon from the same place back to basecamp in time for the dinner.

If you prefer to make other arrangements please speak to the leader directly while you are on the trip. There is no need to request it in advance'.

Thanks for the tips Jules. You need dry hair if we are going out in -10 but feels like -15C.

Katie I am also thinking down hill ski in Ruka and then skidoo (make sure we have the deposit available)/all day dog sledge!

Just reading up on how I can protect my camera, Im really concerned about condensation on the INSIDE of the lenses! Are there any tried and tested tips out there.

Also I thought Id mention this:
Camera Tips
'Of all the parts of your camera, the battery is by far the one which is most affected by changes in temperature. A drop of 10 °C (18 °F) can cause your battery life to deplete by as much as half, meaning that in very cold climates you'll soon find yourself running out of power'.


We're going to Finland on the 13th too! Traveling from Derby. Also concerned about how minus temperatures affect cameras - who's taking a camera? & what type??

Thanks for the heads-up about the hair-dryer - had been debating whether or not to take one.

Looking forward to all the activities!

Ruth & Russell x

I'm just going to rely on the camera on my phone (16mb). My hands are going to be full of reins, handlebars, ski poles etc. so might as well keep it simple.

Bit kate to the party with this online forum...
Anyone else flying out of Manchester on tues and have you managed to check in online?!
Nearly there, can't wait, stocking up on long johns and munchies aswell

Hello Jo,
I am flying from Manchester too.
I will try and check-in on line.

Cameras work fine, just keep them inside your clothing when not in use. Once they get cold the battery runs out really quickly, so carry spares... same with phones. Also, you will get condensation on the lenses, so need to make sure you carefully wipe that off each time.

I recall first time we went to somewhere this cold, we were advised a few, perhaps surprising things... e.g. don't wear any make-up when outside, including moisturiser or lip stuff - it just freezes, which is way worse than being without. The snow is "dry" so doesn't form snowballs virtually at all... but the snow is also pretty sharp - so be aware of that when diving into it straight from the hot tub... :-)

Are you known for wearing make up then Paul ha!.

Now I'm confused. Thomson web site states
Lapland flights
"If you're travelling to Lapland, you'll get a light meal and tea or coffee included in the price". I have been told food is not included. Kuusamo is a Lapland airport (hence why you cannot drop your bags off the evening before your flight - or so I'm told)...

Hi Athena
I can't seem to check in online with Thomson, have you been able to?

I've also been trying to find out how to check in but but I'm thinking we have to do it at the airport.
I'm flying from Gatwick. Does anyone know if it's north or south terminal we're flying from?
Thanks for the advise on no makeup and camera.
All packed and ready for the early start on Tuesday!

Hi Katie,

I read on the trip notes that you can't check in online and have to do it at the airport.

And it's North terminal.

See you all soon


Hi all. Any benefit in taking ski gear ?

Can't wait. Bags packed

There was me thinking I was being all sensible packing lip stuff, lol.

I haven't brought ski gear Andy apart from my own ski gloves, I wanted to but just too much stuff and assume we can wear what they give us and hire helmets.

First communication said North terminal, latest didn't specify so thanks Rita.

Super excited, leaving tomorrow to fly to Gatwick. See you all soon!

Hey Paul,
Im taking my ski gloves, mask and socks.
Im taking my ski pants (we dont have much else to pack) and see how they are otherwise Ill wear they gear on the slopes.

I've just chucked my ski goggles in at last minute as had space and wasn't sure if they would also be handy for dog sledding. Yes to my own ski socks also, forgot I had packed them as well.

Am assuming I don't need to worry about the fact I can't even find the flight on the Thomson website! :-/

Check the airport departures. That will give you more confidence. The Manchester flight is scheduled.

There is no food on the flights
Check in is at the airport only.

Hello...looking forward to our trip to Basecamp Oulanka.
Two of us- me and my grand daughter age 13...taking the Thomson flight ex LGW. overnighting the night prior. Anyone else on these flights Dec 20?

People, for those of us who'll be at Oulanka Base Camp over New Years Eve, do we want to all bring some drinks and snacks (crisps/nuts etc) with us to have a small party around the fireplace at midnight?? I hear that alcohol is super expensive and obviously would be fun to toast in the new year in our very unique and hopefully cost setting. Thoughts??

Cosy setting not cost setting! Freudian slip ... haha

Hi Joy yes I am at the Base camp over New Year with my family. I am planning to hit duty free on the way out! Will see if I can throw some snacks in between my many base layers!
Looking forward to it. See you all at Gatwick.

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